Things I Know

Last week, I enjoyed knowing stuff and sharing it with you all, so today I am linking up with Yay for Home’s Things I Know again.

This week I know;

* Bubba boys are completely scrumptious

* Joining in with he Seven Cherubs Happiness Project and writing a single sentence a night about what has brought me happiness throughout the day is good for my mental health and helps me focus on the good things, even on the tough days when I struggle with whether I am cut out for this Mumma gig

* Kahlei can go from whinging to sound asleep in a split second

* It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t want your children to be called, they will make their own nicknames for themselves and each other

* Impromptu picnics on the hill behind Nanna’s are wonderful

* Having a sister must be so fun

* Children grow up way too fast. One day they’re tiny babies and the next thing you know they are speaking, running, dancing, learning, tapped their foot at and telling you: “”Don’t give me that attitude, young lady.”

* Sometimes you put things out there and get a sign that maybe you might get a little of what you hope and dream before you’ve really had time to comprehend what you’ve told the world

* Kahlei has her own special sense of style

* I have amazing friends who see me so completely differently to how I see myself

* I just noticed my first ever Nuffnang ad has gone up, which means it’s after midnight…

* I should be in bed


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