Why I (sometimes) love spam

Today has been somewhat stressful. I am struggling and possibly not coping with life as well as I could be. Maybe even raising my voice a little more than I would like and letting out big, frustrated sighs whenever the baby wakes again, after a mere 10 minute nap, screaming.

On these days, I need a distraction. Something to lighten the mood and put a smile on my face and so today I ventured into my inbox and opened the below email, which I kept for this exact reason;

Dear April,

I hope you remember Eduardo from denver high school?
Last spring I had a serious problem. I was at home for one weeks, and I had
time for my wife. Thats nothing special you will think, but for a hard
working guy like me, it is a long time. After 3 days, she wanted me riding
I’d try many times, but I could not get him hard!! I’d try another day,

But then, after some research I found the solution:

{I won’t include the link for obvious reasons}


Btw: Greetings to Eduina, I hope she is fine.


 Tom Selleck stars as Thomas Magnum, a P.I. enjoying life on an opulent
Hawaii estate. Watch the ’80s classic online now!

Tell me I am not the only person who keeps random spam for a rainy day?

P.S. If you’re wondering how the photo ties in with this ost; it doesn’t (duh). I’m just a tad proud of myself for taking a photo of a cow.


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