Change of Plans

George, Garry and Matt are back to cheer us up

Today’s post was going to be my {52 Week} photo and about how much I love Autumn, instead I am sitting in the Paediatric Ward watching Master Chef with Ellie Belly. It always amazes me how fast things can change with kids, although it probably shouldn’t by now.

Friday night started well enough, we grabbed some Pizza for dinner and settled in to watch the Royal Wedding. James, Mum and I had spectacular fun commentating on the affair and I was involved in the Three Li’l Princesses Royal Wedding Par-tay where we chatted up a storm (thanks Kel).

Ellie had been feeling a little under the weather, a bit of a cough and after watching Kate get out of her car in her beautiful dress, fell asleep on the couch next to me.

Just before the long (long, long) awaited kiss Ellie woke up, her breathing was shallow and way too fast and soon enough her heart was racing. I had visions of when Kahlei had bronciolitis and kind of freaked out, that was such a horrible experience.

I called a hot line and described her symptoms and was told to take her to the hospital. We spent the night in the ER. Ellie was given Ventolin and when her saturation levels didn’t stay up after two lots of twenty minute intervals over an hour, she was put on oxygen and hourly Ventolin for ‘asthma symptoms’.

Ellie was amazing. So well behaved and didn’t even flinch when they attempted to put a cannula in her hand 3 times!! Considering she was quite freaked out by the mask, she did so well. Every time it started to slip she made sure I fixed it as she knew it was there for a reason.

Every time she started to settle down and looked like she might sleep it was time for another lot of Ventolin which hyped her up. She was awake until 5am! At about 6.30, I crawled into the little space on the single fold out chair next to James and used his hip as a pillow. Not the most comfortable sleep ever, nor the longest as at 7.30 I was awake again and trying to figure out what the doctor was telling me.

Cutest stickfigures ever
Passing the time, secretly I just like to hear her sing “I’m a letter ‘p'” (ie L M N O P)

Over night her OBs hadn’t improved enough to go home and so we were transferred to the ward, where we still are. Yesterday it was “she’ll be in most of today” until we didn’t go home and then it was “tomorrow morning” until today when the doctor didn’t even come around before it was practically afternoon. Right now we’re at “tomorrow morning, best case”.

The view from here

 Poor Ellie is bored and getting quite upset about still being here. She is starting to get a little difficult. Not that I blame her. I know what it’s been like for me being stuck in bed after my c-sections and I wasn’t an energetic 3 year old. Plus, it’s kind of torture for her as from her bed she has a clear view of all the toys they have and a playground outside – all she wants to do is go play. She did get to go out for a little while this afternoon, thankfully.

The worst thing is she isn’t the kind of sick that just wants to lie in bed and sleep. I don’t think she has ever watched so much TV and that, along with simply being stuck somewhere she doesn’t want to be has really affected her mood.

Grumpy Patient

I am hoping tomorrow morning they will let her go home. Tomorrow James and Nanna are back at work, so Jasper will be coming her for the day and Kahlei is having a few hours with Pa before coming to me. I am quite stressed. About tomorrow but also just because this is tough. I am being bombarded with guilt from all sides.

When I am here with Ellie I feel like I am neglecting Kahlei and Jasper. When I go home to shower, see the kids and feed Jasper I am conscious of not being with Ellie, especially given that every time I leave her she screams the ward down and mostly only wants me.

When I am near Kahlei she wants me to do everything and carry her at all times, which can be difficult when all I want to do is feed the baby so my chest doesn’t explode…

I understand that they both want to be close to me but at the same time it is completely wearing and I think I am coping with it in a less than mother-of-the-year fashion and I can’t say I am looking forward to tomorrow when there won’t be anyone to take any of the pressure off. Although, everyone will probably be glad to get to work to get a ‘break’!

Anyway, the girl is asleep so I should be too.

How was your weekend? 


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