Mammarazzi Monday: {Yellow} and some thoughts

With all the drama we have experienced with Ellie ending up, and spending the whole weekend, in hospital I didn’t get a chance to get out and take any photos for this week’s Mammarazzi Monday, so I suppose it was lucky I had taken some piccies of a lily at my Father-in-law’s the weekend before.

Editing the photo and adding the thought really did manage to lighten my day as I struggled with Ellie’s growing attitude and tantrums. Being stuck inside and, even worse, in bed drove her nuts and she woke this morning in quite a mood and fought me at every turn. I could feel the eyes of the other people in the ward; I’m pretty sure that they were pretty sure I had raised one hell of a brat. She really put it on, I’ve not ever seen her like that and while I understand it was circumstantial I still felt the pressure of her actions; to the point where I started to seriously feel the need to apologise to each and every person there. I didn’t, but still.

In the quiet moments – which were few and far between – I would sit and watch my baby, thinking how lucky I was that she wasn’t there for something serious and wondering how parents with seriously ill children do what they do. Especially if they are juggling a hospitalised child and children at home. Truly, these people must be the epitome of Super Parents and I am humbled, awed and inspired by them.

Before I go, I just want to say a huge thank you for all the supportive comments. Your words really helped me through the night and remind me that the negative thoughts telling me I am a bad parent are just thoughts and not truth. You guys rock.


Oh and P.S. We are home 🙂


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