On Friday I had the pleasure of attending my first ever bloggers event; a Blogger Brunch in Melbourne, with thanks to Room to Grow, Kids Business and Kleenex Mums.

It was an amazing morning. After my umming and ahhing and even contemplating (however briefly) not going that very morning due to the loss of my voice I am SO glad I went.

After grabbing a latte for the ever wonderful Kirsty, who came as my babysitter, and myself (my first would you believe) we Bloggers were called over to listen to a panel of six wonderful speakers; Nicole Avery, Alli PriceCatherine Cervasio, Bronny Fallens, Amanda Cox and Renee Mayne. Each shared their stories, ideas, successes and passions. Their messages were relevant and empowering.

I was especially inspired by Nicole Avery from Planning With Kids, who shared about her new book aptly named Planning With Kids. “Twitter got me a book deal” Nicole shared and says twitter time is work time. I have only just started to see the potential of Twitter as more than an extension of FaceBook status’ and hearing how it can lead to some wonderful opportunities if utilised properly was a real eye opener. Her words gave me hope; maybe there’s still a chance for me to live my dream.

Apart from being an inspiring and engaging speaker; Nicole was also the first to come and introduce herself to me, standing over in the corner, self conscious about the fact that I’d lost my voice. Yes, the first person I spoke to was THE Planning Queen.  Nicole is such a warm, welcoming person and I am thrilled to have met her.

Amanda Cox from Diary of a Mad Cow had me nodding my head as she spoke of her struggles with Postnatal Depression and so much of what she was saying rang true of my own journey. As she told us “I didn’t realise I had postnatal depression” I felt connected,  understood and aware in ways I can’t even begin to explain. Amanda went on to discuss how it is okay for us, as mums, to talk openly and honestly about life as a mother, about our experiences – the lows, the highs, the struggles. She also proclaimed the use of humour in sharing these things okay.

Her words were a comfort to me. Though I find sharing my PND travels therapeutic, sometimes I wonder if my sharing them is a burden to those who read – if that makes sense. It’s like when you’re pregnant and another mother shares her horrendous birth story. It effects you and of late I have been pondering exactly how much I share; I hope to help rather than hinder others in their struggles.

Once we had been motivated it was time for a scrummy brunch where we could mingle and enjoy the tasty offerings presented. I admit that I didn’t do as much mingling and networking as I had wanted. I was greatly put off by the fact that I felt like I was yelling at everyone I spoke to even as they were leaning closer and saying “pardon?”. Still, I met some wonderful women who I have ‘known’ online for sometime.

Soon enough it was time to peruse the brands which had come along to tote their wares to us. There’s nothing quite like having ‘stalls’ set up purely for bloggers to check out to make you realise that this blogging caper is really going places; in particular this Mummy blogging caper. Brands have come to the understanding that we are influential women with much potential. It’s just a matter of managing these opportunities in a way that fits your blog, your life and the brand you are creating for yourself.

I will be the first to admit that, thus far my management has not been so great. I have some commitments to wrap up and then I will be working on doing things a different way here at

I came away feeling alive (even as my health went down-hill afterwards), focused, aware and hopeful that some of my thoughts might, at some point, come to fruition after some hard work.

If you have the chance to attend one of these events, I strongly suggest you do!

And before I go; I want to mention my ‘sponsors’, which made it all possible for my flying visit to Melbourne.

A hug thank you to my hubs who believed I deserved the opportunity to go and said yes as well as staying home with the girls on Saturday, My mum who (while sick) had the girls on Friday and took on the cooking, My cousin who gave us a place to stay afterwards and a bell for me to tell them I needed things and Kirsty who drove me 12 hours to and from, who put up the porta-cot because I can’t, who was amazing from start to finish and went well beyond – YOU are amazing. With out all of you, I couldn’t have gone so thank you xo

Read my review on the goodies here.


P.s. If this is a little all over the place it’s because I am still quite unwell. I am considering vlogging about one of the goodies I received just so those of you who weren’t there can hear the ridiculousness that is my voice (wouldn’t want you missing out…)

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