5 Ways in 5 Days: Day 1 ~ For the Love of Hair

Both my girls were born with practically no hair. In fact; Ellie didn’t have any until well after she was two. When she was a baby I had to have her in a headband at all times, even when she was wearing a dress or pink, otherwise people would comment on my cute baby boy.

The moment I could manage to put her hair (or the few strands she had) I did – she was 16 months and I was thrilled.

Ellie’s first ponytail

From that day I wanted to put her hair in a tiny ponytail all the time. Unfortunately, she wasn’t so keen.

Now that she’s a little lady who loves all things pink, pretty and girly she loves to have her hair done and because Ellie likes to have her hair done, so does Kahlei. I love it. I waited SO long to buy clips, hairbands and accessories!

With the release of the new Disney movie, Tangled, just around the corner the girls and I have taken on the Porter Novelli 5 Ways in 5 Days Challenge because a) we loved Tangled and b) we LOVE to do hair!

The lovely Briony sent us some funky hair accessories so this morning we broke them out.

Piggy tails are BIG here at the moment, Ellie always requests “Two, please.” and I think they are just the epitome of childhood; a happy, bouncy hair-do for those carefree days of innocence.

And it’s just so damn cute watching them run around with their hair flying everywhere.
Now that they have some!

What’ your favourite kiddie hairstyle?

ETA: I have just drawn the winner of my April Giveaway. Congrats Lisa W, who wrote;

Whenever the kids ask for a difficult character for a birthday cake, I tell them I don’t have the copyright to reproduce the image…oops, bad mummy. lol.  

I have really enjoyed the comments about white lies, some of you are such fibbers 😉

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