5 Ways in 5 Days: Day 2 ~ We Play Hairdressers

Figures they’d suddenly get camera shy

This morning the girls chose glittery accessories for their hair and I tried a side ponytail. Very cute. I’ve always wanted to be able to pull off the side pony but it’s just not something that works with my hair, so having two little girls that are able to wear it is very exciting.

Since receiving the parcel of goodies in the mail for this challenge and starting to help me choose what they want done with their hair, the girls have started playing hairdressers. I just love the natural progression as what’s happening in their lives reflects in their play and this one is particularly cute.

Now he’s a girl, apparently

They each set themselves up with their toy of choice, a brush and some hair accessories and get to work. Kahlei does a whole lot of chatting and getting distracted (just like many hairdressers I’ve been to) while Ellie quietly goes about her business, lovingly brushing and styling.

As is to be expected with any hairdresser, they eventually start looking for live models to try their skills on…

Isn’t Uncle Caleb a lucky boy?
We Play
Come see what others are playing

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  1. So cute Becky!! Love it. Hey you are almost at 200 follower!!!! yay you :O)

  2. I hadn't noticed that, Caz! One more follower – woohoo!

  3. So cute Becky! Addison finally got enough hair to put cute sparkly bows in but she tired of my excessive need for hair ties a month later. Now she won't let me touch her hair 🙁 Your girls are darling… I love seeing their pictures. (Bubba too)

  4. After some excessive hair doing after Ellie first got enough hair she went through the stage of not letting me do her hair. Luckily that has changed now! Soon enough Addison will be wanting pretty things in her hair!

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