One Sentence Happiness Journal

Due to blogger’s outage over the last few days I am so behind in all my posts! I know there are two days remaining in the 5 Ways in 5 Days Challenge; the photos are taken and I just have to write them up but today I thought I would post this as I feel I need something happy to focus on after a tough day!

Last month the lovely Naomi of Seven Cherubs challenged us to join her Happiness Project, which is basically to keep a one sentence journal about the things that make you happy throughout the day for a month.

I can always use more focus on the positives so I signed up and bought myself a cute notebook especially for recording my daily sentences. I even started my journal a few days early; I just couldn’t wait (we officially started on the 10th of April).

I even remembered to pack my journal when Ellie was in hospital and recorded those little moments which could have easily been forgotten in the stress and worry of the moment. Some days have been harder than others, but I have found it so soothing to take a moment when I get into bed at the end of the day to go over the day and find the things that made me happy.

Here are the sentences from my journal;

April 8th
Today I got to spend an hour alone with Kahlei, we played PegButton people and had a wonderful time together; I don’t often get time alone just with her.

April 9th
Getting a sleep in and feeling a little better because of it.

April 10th
Tonight we all (including Eli; my nephew) had dinner and a lovely evening at Kirsty and Nathan’s – it is the first dinner James and I have been invited to; it was fun, noise filled and something we should do more often.

April 11th
James and I ‘helped’ mum with her assignment tonight – it was a night of laughter, productivity, warm fuzzies and a completed assignment with little to no stress; James dancing along to dancing cats/monkeys/people was good too.

April 12th
I picked up my prints for the show today – I LOVE having a physical element I can touch and see ‘in the flesh’, there are a few that I think maybe look better blown up and printed.

April 13th
Ellie, tapping her foot with her hands on her hips telling me: “Don’t give me that attitude, young lady” she cracks me up.

April 14th
My Little Man is such a beautiful soul – even when sick, like he is today, Seeing him grow up is so enchanting, so intoxicating – so long as he stays Mumma’s boy!

April 15th
Picnics with my kids, seeing my girls hug, laugh and play happily together, moments with my girls, a drive with my love and randomly running into dad.

April 16th
Today I got an invitation to a Bloggers Brunch – in Melbourne – it feels good to be included and James says he wants me to go!

April 17th
Breakfast with James, Kahlei and Jasper with bacon left to the last mouthful of toast and egg – happy times with Kahlei – cuddles with Ellie after not seeing her for a day and a bit.

April 18th
Planning a Melbourne trip with Kirsty – I’m excited, it’s thrilling and I feel good having been invited to something as a blogger.

April 19th
Sleeping babies make me happy.

April 20th
Kirdy and Nathan came to play cards – it was a night full of laughter, fun and reminiscing – I even made a cob dip and it was a success. Go me!

April 21st
RSVP’d for the Room to Grow Bloggers Brunch and I I’m going to Melbourne Baby!

April 22nd
Being home, no piles of dishes, just us (sans Ellie) and quiet apart from normal family noise – watching and enjoying movies just James and I.

April 23rd
A sleep in which was much needed followed by lunch by the water which I always love to do.

April 24th
Family together – Egg hunt – Happy girls – Mum and nan being here – Special ‘humbrellas’ – Jazzy having his first chocolate and sitting up by himself – cob dip.

April 25th
Tonight I am feeling the empowered buzz of my One Little Word showing itself – it’s been months but finally I see some purpose and it makes sense that it would come from me living my PND ‘in the open’, I feel like it’s going to help others, too – at least I hope so.

April 26th
On our way home we had the best sausage rolls EVER from the Braidwood Bakery and then getting a lovely big snuggle from Kahlei when they got here – missed my baby girl.

April 27th
The last day of school holidays is today – can’t begin to express my excitement – also, bad days lead to great blogging ideas and opportunities to learn more about myself and the nature of my PND, which will hopefully lead to helping myself as well as others.

April 28th
We got an offer on the house today and she seems keen as she countered our counter offer within an hour of receiving it – suddenly I have hope that it’ll sell before next century, also catching up with dad over coffee is lovely.

April 29th
Mum, James and I wanted the royal wedding and I joined in a virtual PJ par-tay, it was a lovely, magical wedding – the closest thing to a real life fairytale there will ever be – it was fun commentating, gushing and waiting HOURS for the kiss!

April 30th
Loving these stick figures Ellie drew along with her name

May 1st
We ordered new laptops today.

May 2nd
We’re home – such a relief, Ellie was becoming extremely upset and insolent at being kept inside at being kept inside and in bed – so glad to be in my own bed.

May 3rd
It’s going to sound horrible but I’m happy mum came home sick today – I was not coping AT ALL, so her being here and sending me for a nap was so good.

May 4th
Our MacBook Pros arrived today – a little more iLove <3 Ellie’s excitement over dance being back on simply made her glow – I love her little dance clothes and the confidence it gives her and she said this afternoon “I’m going to work; dance is my work” cute.

May 5th
I’m in Melbourne! It was a lovely trip – lots of catching up and Jasper was such a good boy!

May 6th
Bloggers Brunch; hearing amazing, motivational women speak, meeting uber bloggers, being ‘sought out’ by another blogger, freebies and leaving with a sense of direction.

May 7th
Home – James – Kids – Bed

May 8th
Today is mother’s day – we went to the show and the girls loved patting and holding the baby animals and I bought myself a pressie – Dead Reckoning.

May 9th
Caleb had the girls while I napped.

May 10th
Giving Kirdy her ‘thank you for everything’ gift made me feel so happy – she was so appreciative even though SHE’S been doing all the great things for me and manages to make me feel worthy of being treated so well and like I’m maybe good at something and going somewhere.

I am going to continue with this project and see how it grows, changes and evolves as part of my life.
It has been a great exercise – if you’ve not ever tried keeping a one sentence happiness journal I highly suggest you try!



  1. Just beautiful Becky, you are very inspiring.

  2. I've been reading all these sentence journals and loving them. Such a great idea!

    I can't believe I missed the bloggers lunch. How did I not hear about it? I must try and remember to check everything before the next one. We could have met IRL. How nice!

    Have a great weekend Becky! xx

  3. What a wonderful idea- very inspiring.

    Loved the image of Ellie, tapping her foot with her hands on her hips… toddlers are funny little creatures.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  4. A lovely list, thank you – especially when finding the positive in the negatives. (And watching the Royal Wedding was in my list too…)

  5. Such a great month of happiness – what a great way to journal the good in what can so often be overwhelming chaos!!!
    Well done!!

  6. What a great list! I've noticed some reccurent themes in everyone's happiness journals. As much as our kids can challenge us they are also what drives us to be better people.

    Congrats on the much deserved invite to the Bloggers brunch!

  7. I enjoyed reading your positive thoughts and seeing life in the best light is something worth doing anytime. It boils down to choice. We may not like everything that happens but there is always something good if you look, and you have! Thanks for a great example and reminder.

  8. What a lovely record for you, Becky.

    I haven't been over here for ages and I've missed you! Not as much time for blogging these days, unfortunately. I'll try and get back to read some of your 'back posts' to catch up!! x

  9. Thanks so much for taking part in our happiness project. It was lovely to read over your journal. Love that so much of your happiness is connected to your cherubs and how exciting that you were able to attend the bloggers brunch. I missed it but hope to go if they have another one on! Naomi x

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