Toys, Toys, Toys!

In my Bloggers Brunch wrap up I touched on the fact that there were Brands in attendance, showing us some of their products and giving us freebies to try (and blog about). Here are some of the goodies which have been a big hit in our house:

Thanks to Zimbler

Firstly, this Bruder truck; the Mercedes Benz Sprinter DHL with hand pallet truck and 2 pallets, which quickly became a firm favourite, especially with Kahlei who can be found quietly playing with it, Strawberry Shortcake in the driver’s seat with odds and ends in the back.

The kids love the fact that all the door open and the little steps which fold out from the side door, the little fork lift (hand pallet truck) and locks on the back doors are great for Kahlei’s fine motor skills and I love the imaginative play which has evolved from playing with it.

Unfortunately, the doors haven’t withstood the ‘Kahlei treatment’ and all are broken (when did my kid become such a destroyer?), but still usable.

I appreciate all the attention to detail and would LOVE one of these garbage trucks!

Thanks to Headstart

This Little Tikes train has been big with my Little Man. It’s bright, colourful and sturdy; just perfect for little ones developing their hand-eye coordination.

It is also perfect as a chew toy and a crawling motivator.

I have long been a fan of Little Tikes and they are always popular with the kids and as a parent I feel I can trust them as a brand.

Thanks to Hasbro

The PLAYSKOOL Alphie Databots Maestro-Bot has also had lots of play time since coming home. I have heard some say the problem with these are that there’s no way to control the sound level and yes, our little Databot is quite loud (right now it’s snoring because it’s not being played with anymore) but coming from a house where we used to ask dad to play the drums while we went to sleep and currently living in a house with two noisy teenage boys, I didn’t even think about that until somebody else pointed it out.

As a child of a musician, I love toys which teach my children about music whether they be bottles filled with rice to shake or something like this.

I like the ability to change the ‘instrument’ sound you’re playing with the black and white keys and when you turn his right ear’s headphone you can follow a coloured pattern to play three songs (Twinkle Twinkle, Three Blind Mice and Mary had a Little Lamb).

All three children enjoy playing with this, each in their own way at their own stage of development.

The problem I have with this toy is the restrictive play. There is little ability for free play to explore and discover for themselves and once you follow the colours on his face he takes over the rest of the song.

I just want to say a word about the actual brand representation at the event. The representatives which spoke to me as a person and didn’t simply ‘advertise’ at me were the brands which I had more interest in. Yes, they were there to tell me about their wares but a general push with no actual interaction or interest in my questions really puts me off.

For the most part I was happy with the interactions and I was particularly impressed by the Bruder set up and catalogue.

Okay – I am up WAY too late to be playing with toys (especially noisy ones).

How do you like to be approached by brands/PR businesses?

Disclosure: I received complimentary toys courtesy of Zimbler, Headstart and Hasbro . No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.


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