5 Ways in 5 Days: Day 4 ~ Day Care Hair

* Sorry for the break in transmission with these posts – the hair styles were done last week; I just couldn’t post!!*

Driving themselves to Day Care apparently
The addition of Day Care into our weekly lives has highlighted the need for a play/craft friendly hairdo to last the day which also minimises the instance of sharing of little critters. 
As well as needing to be practical Day Care hair also needs to meet Ellie’s very important ‘pretty’ requirement.
And so, this hairstyle has become our Day Care day go-to style. The piggy tail plaits keep their hair neat, tidy and out of the way while the accessories, which they choose themselves, keep the Little Ladies happy. 
We’re still figuring out the best way to deal with – and keep at bay – the unwelcome visitors which start to visit when children begin to do things with other children.
Kahlei’s new favourite clips are thanks to Yipose as part of a
Pink Poppy freebie from the Bloggers Brunch
 Okay, now over to you lovelies; What are your top anti-nit tips?
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  1. Hey becky – that is a super cute girl with a super cute hairstyle!! Nice clipes – have some just like it here too!! Thanks you Pink Poppy:) Cazxx

  2. Fancy you having the same, Caz 😉
    Yes, THANK YOU Pink Poppy!!

  3. We love your Pink Poppy Flower Clip. Glad it came in handy.
    cheers Therese @ Pink Poppy

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