{52 Weeks} Week 45: Approaching 28

Before I go on with this post, I should put up the few photos I’ve missed posting. I’ve taken them each week, though. I know, slack.

Week 42: Walk on the Mount
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Week 44: Try Not to Smile, please.
Week 45: Approaching 28

Yes – the photo for this week is totally (and obviously) photoshopped, right down to those entirely too long eyelashes (if only they were actually that long). Why? Well, as I was picking my photo for this week I was thinking about my impending birthday and James’ question of “What do you want?” as well as my whole It’s All About ME thing.

I was thinking about what my face would look like if I’d had facials, or how much longer my eyelashes would seem with a tint and wondering if coloured contacts could ever suit me. Not that I necessarily want to do these things, but it was fun imagining while I played with my photo.

As I was musing the conclusion I came to was simply this; my birthday should be all about pampering, indulgence and spoiling – in short, all about me.

Let’s do some dreaming, shall we?

For my 28th birthday I would like….

… To have an indulgent weekend away; staying somewhere deliciously fancy, sleeping late, doing breakfast, strolling past sights and sipping on cocktails*

… A family weekend away; staying somewhere family friendly, going to the zoo and/or aquarium, visiting parks and having fun

… A stay at a cosy B&B; where I can curl up by the fire, drink perfect hot chocolate and read a book undisturbed all while roasting marshmallows

Notice a theme here?

What would you ask for?

* In the interest of honesty – I’ve never had a cocktail, so I am unsure if you sip them as such?



  1. Lush! I think that would be the most perfect birthday ever.

    My wish for my big (sssshhh) 4 O this year is a massive party with everyone I love later in the year (August is too cold for the sort of party I want), and a quiet weekend away with just LOML and I closer to my birthday and a day with my gorgeous family on my actual birthday… it's an event! x

  2. Oh, all of that!! Yes, please!! 🙂
    And Becky, you are perfect just the way you are. All these sleep deprived lines on our faces give us character. Right? 😉

  3. Ditto Kellie and a big hug too! xx

  4. I agree, your birthday should be all about the pamper. How special and gorgeous do you feel with a little pampering!! YAY, how exciting!!

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