Silly Nursery Rhymes

Now that my girls are a little older and less likely to sleep the hours away while we travel it’s getting harder to have drama less car trips. This means the hubs and I have to start getting creative to stop the whinging and tantrums in their tracks.

Unfortunately neither of us have really come to terms with this change yet and with my organisational skills in some kind of questionable limbo while we’re bunking at my mum’s we often hop in the car for long trips highly unprepared.

This is true of our most recent return South to mow the lawn and do general tidy up/pack up over the weekend. The trip down was smooth and event free, however the trip home was horrendous as all three tired, cranky children became bored and simply ‘over it’.

Both girls love to sing and have a thing about stars, so after some time I asked who could sing me Twinkle Twinkle which led to James sharing his rendition; “twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder where I left my bra.” 

That was simply hilarious and led to much time spent singing inappropriately altered nursery rhymes. Here are some of my favourites:

“Old mcDonald had a fart, with a fart here and a fart there” -Ellie

“On that farm he had a toilet, with a flush here” – Ellie

“Twinkle twinkle star, you’re a good girl” – Kahlei

“Bra bra black sheep have you any bras”– James (surprised?)

I learned a few things during our little sing-a-long. Firstly, Ellie loves toilet humour. Everything is fart this, poo that and a toilet for good measure. Secondly, James is obsessed with bras and still doesn’t know any words to any rhymes and lastly, Kahlei is just too sweet for words.

What do you do to entertain the kiddies on long car trips?



  1. I copped out and bought a portable DVD player for the longer trips, and it's helped with Roo's car sickness as well.
    Other than that we spend a lot of time singing "Ning Nang Nong", and we stop at rest stops that she can safely run around a grassy area, or if we are going thorugh a town, a set of swings for ten minutes is a breat h of fresh air. it's a little difficult to get her back in the car, but she's usually much happier once she is!
    How cute is Kahlei!

  2. Long car trips with bored kids are no fun, how sore does your neck get while you spin around all the way there.

    CDs and coloring books are huge for us. Sticker books and magnet play things are also good. I actually make up a 'secret' bag of play things for each now, and grab a back pack each, they get textas, paper and stories and then things like Polly pocket or a my little,pony or something I dig out of the bottom of the toys, nothing new, butnthey haven't touched it for awhile.

  3. You could do a Hopkins Family Compilation Album and make a fortune!!!

  4. @Daisy, Roo and Two – I've always sworn we'd never go down the portable DVD route but more recently I have started wondering if I might resort to giving in… It's interesting that it helps with car sickness. Ellie gets quite sick if she's not asleep for the more windy parts of the trip.

    @Clairey – I hate the turning around, especially as it tends to make me quite sick.

    I have wondered about colouring books – that doesn't make them feel sick like when you read in the car? I love the secret bag idea. I always thought I would be an organised, activity bag kind of Mumma and have been disappointed to find I'm not.

    @Mumeroo – I think you're onto something there. Do you mind if we take over your bathroom for rehearsals?

  5. We have a portable DVD player too!

    And a few songs my kids sing..
    Humpty Dumpty sat on a prickle!

    And my son has a 2nd verse for bananas in Pajamas (that they sang at kindy)..zucchinis in bikinis

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