We Play: Cupcake Store

Thanks to Hasbro for this set which was in my
goodie bag from the Bloggers Brunch.

Generally, we are homemade play doughers (that is totally a word) but not being in our own home means I often find it too hard to get around to making it and when I do I discover something I thought was in the cupboard, which we need, isn’t there.

This morning, when it was cold and dreary and Ellie was whinging to go outside before it was even 9am, I decided it was probably a play dough day.

I set up all the bits and pieces out of the cupcake set on the table and went about washing up while I waited for the girls to discover what I had set out. Activities always last so much longer around here if they are things the girls have decided they want to do themselves!

Once I had finished the washing up both girls were happily creating cupcakes with cute little toppings. Ellie, obviously looking for a sale, said to me; “Hello! What would you like on your cupcake today?” and so we spent hours creating, buying and selling unique cupcakes with buttons for money.

Ellie is quite professional and models behaviours she sees when we shop, whether it be the shop assistant or customer she is portraying.

Kahlei prefers to create and then pretend (mostly) to eat her creations.

I just wish we really had some cute little cupcakes like these to enjoy…

Cupcake creation by Ellie



  1. I vote for REAL cupcakes.

    Maybe you'll have some here for me when I come home from work tomorrow 🙂

  2. Yum – they look good enough to eat!
    I had a hairdresser playdoh kit when I was little – loved it!! So timeless…

  3. oh that's a good idea! I hadn't thought of making cupcakes 😀

  4. There is nothing in this world that a play with playdoh can't make better. I firmly believe that!! Love this cupcake idea, Becky.

    I do believe that James paid a visit to my blog today! Chuffed!!

    Email me if you guys want to talk through the 'living with the relos' drama. Been there… hmmm… just remember my fave mantra: this too shall pass. x

  5. We always make birthday cakes. Then we stick matchsticks in them, sing happy birthday, hip hip hooray, blow out the candles, pretend eat the cake, then we start the process all over again. Somedays I can have my birthday ten times. Hooray! 😉 Love the cupcakes idea.

  6. My kids love playing "masterchef" when we play with playdough. I have to give them a time limit and give them a theme and then do a taste testing … hours of entertainment. I love the idea of using buttons. FUN!

  7. Those cupcakes look good enough to eat! We love making real cupcakes in this house…but I never thought to make playdough ones…such a great idea (although not sure the kids will be happy with likcing out the playdough bowl!)

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