Mammarazzi Monday: {Out of the Ordinary}

Over the weekend, James and I borrowed his work’s Transit van, packed up much of our belongings and placed them in storage.

Sitting up higher in the van made the trip so different. There were so many things I have missed on all the previous trips. So many things I didn’t even realise were just over there.

It was a long weekend. Long and busy and seeing our lives stacked up in boxes, barely filling one half of a 6×3 shed was quite sobering and strange.

Joining in with Mammarazzi Monday and Point + Shoot
What did you do on the weekend?



  1. Ohhh Becky – that picture is beautiful, looks like a fine art canvas! I love the colours, shapes and composition. Love the texture overlay too! Makes it very special.
    I've done a similar thing with my belongings before and you are exactly right…. very sobering and strange!

  2. Becky- I have to agree with Carly- this picture looks like an art canvas. Very Beautiful. It really is amazing the things that pass us by- the beauty is when we notice.

  3. Oh wow! It's been so long since I did some blog reading! I missed you!

    Packing up one's belongings sure is sobering. Imagine if it all burnt in a fire. Would it really be that sad?

    I often think the only things I would like to keep are my photographs. That's it. Everything else is just stuff.


  4. this is great…love the textures.

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