Wordless Wednesday: CakePops

They’re meant to be on sticks, which I forgot to buy when getting the ingredients
Made for Kirsty’s birthday dinner x

Playing along with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith Hope and a whole Lotta Love.


  1. But still… they look soooo good!


  2. Hi! I'm stopping by from faith, hope and love's wordless Wednesdays. I know you said that you forgot the sticks but this actually looks even better to me.. like glazed donuts with sprinkles. yum!

  3. Those look so yummy. It is making me want some of those. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I may have just drooled a little! Thanks for sharing, maybe a recipe next time? Hehe x

  5. I love them just the way they are! They look delish!! I'll be over for afternoon tea!! 😉

  6. YUM! even without sticks.

  7. Pop them in the mouth and mmmmmm! Refollowing since blogger decided to unfollow me from heaps of blogs! 🙂

  8. They look delicious, I want one!

  9. Oh yum, want some!!!

  10. They look fab anyway. I'm not a fan of things on sticks – always the issue of what to do with the empty stick, unless someone has thought to put a used-stick holder out (a rarity in my experience).

  11. I hope there'll be some left for me when I get home tomorrow night????


  12. I hope there'll be some left for me when I get home tomorrow night????


  13. oh they look delicious!

  14. Yum! I saw these on Maxabella Loves blog last week with sticks – love yours too!

  15. Yours turned out waaaaaaay better than mine – mine were such a disaster (yummy yummy disaster).
    Hope yours were yummy too 🙂

  16. These look lovely. Might just have to have a go myself

  17. Yummy yum and fun.
    What is the recipe please …would 5yrs like them for a birthday do you think.

    (Thanks for linking up. Just catching up on WW today because we had to travel and other mundane stuff.)

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