And the Winner is…

Drawing a winner in style

This Planning with Kids giveaway has been my favourite and the one I’ve been the most excited about. All your comments have given me a glance inside a part of your life I may not have seen before and it’s told me I am not alone in this disorganised life. I am also not alone in seeing that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s hope for us to get ourselves together and run a relatively smooth, (more) organised household.

I truly, honestly wish I could give you all a copy of Nic’s book and see you all benefit from what she shares. While I have yet to read it myself, I genuinely believe Planning with Kids to be a wonderful resource for mother’s everywhere and it will be on the top of my baby gift shopping list for friends and family (after I get myself a copy, of course).

Okay, onto the winner. Congratulations go to DanniiBeauty who said;

This book sounds fabulous! I’d love to learn more tips on being organised and being able to get through everything I have to in an orderly way!
This past year has been hard, trying to juggle work from home with my nearly two year old and getting my eight year old to school on time!

I’ll be in touch soon, Dannii!

Don’t forget that Nic shared some tips on Making Time for Mum in my giveaway post or you can find her in various places online: Websites, Twitter, Facebook.

And now, in keeping with my Month for Me, I am off to  SPOIL myself and spend many birthday monies at Crossroads!

What are you doing for yourself today? 



  1. Awesome – thankyou so much! I am so excited to read this wonderful book. xx

  2. Congratulations Danni!!

    Becky is there any way to follow your blog via email? I follow by google (or whatever that is LOL) but never go on there so always miss posts. I usually follow blogs by email so I get the emails each blog and then go on.

  3. Congratulations Dannii!

  4. Congratulations Dannii!

  5. Congrats again, Dannii!
    Bec – currently there isn't an email subscription option. As we're in the middle of changing over to wordpress hubs doesn't think there's any point in putting one up now. But, once we've switched there will be that option.

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