A New Do

You may have noticed it’s been quiet around here of late. Our little blog has been out for some pampering and a new ‘do and has come back light, fresh and ultra cute. The makeover has been a while coming and there are still a few things being tweaked behind the scenes but I am loving the new look.

Everything switched over on the weekend and I have been meaning to write a post since then, but I get caught up simply gazing. While I do love my blog and I love, love, love the new look; especially the stick figure family James drew but I have an inkling my obsessive gazing at the newness might also have something to do with the fact that I’ve not gone and had a ‘make-over’ (aka hair cut/colour/whatever) since Kahlei was 9 months old. Yes, really.

But, I digress.

Of late I have been feeling a kind of ‘blog fatigue’, I suppose, so taking a step back while James did his thing has been good. Now, I’m excited about the plans and goals I have in regards to blogging and I feel this lighter look is more in keeping with ‘me’, as well as us as a family.

I’m also excited about being able to reply to comments in a more practical way – so leave me lots of love so I can!

Tell me, it’s not just me who gets so excited about a bloggy makeover?




  1. Just beautiful, Becky. I really love it. Really light, delicate and beautiful. That’s what comes to mind, anyway. I havn’t got to the makeover stage, but I love looking at others. 🙂

    • Thanks Kel. I was excited about the prospect of the makeover but I didn’t really know how much of a difference it would make; not only to how the blog looks and feels but also to how I feel about the blog.

  2. It looks fantastic Becky.
    And I love the “living life with purpose and passion”
    Really really fantastic

  3. I too love your new look and your tag line. Lovely work guys. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got in store for us. Cazxx

    • Thanks Caz. I’m excited to share with you guys and finding it VERY hard to be patient!

  4. Just love it Becky- all the hard work paid off. Just really really great! Look forward to seeing what else you have coming!

    • Thanks Melissa. I’m lucky James had the patience to get it all done. I probably would have just slapped something together just to get it done.

  5. Wow Becky and james! The blog looks fabulous! Well done!

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