Wordless Wednesday: Duck

Playing along with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith, Hope and a whole lotta Love.



  1. What a gorgeous-looking duck. Great photos too.

    • He was quite handsome – I think he knew it, too.

  2. Looking at this photo makes me realise I don’t take enough time to revel in the beauties of creation.
    Thanks for the reminder!

    • It’s funny you say that because as I was photographing him I was thinking the same! I was amazed by all the detail and the beauty of him and promising myself I would take more notice of the things around me.

  3. Wow gorgeous photos and I agree a very beautiful duck 🙂

  4. wow we are on the same watery page today. Great shots

    • That’s what I thought, too, when I saw your amazing shot of the pelican.

  5. Awesome Photos! 🙂

  6. I love all those angles on your photos.

  7. great pics!!

  8. Gorgeous set of photos! Amazing!

  9. Wow ! What beautiful crisp, clear photos ! I love ducks. Always have, always will 🙂 Happy WW x

  10. quack, quack! great shots!

  11. Definitely one handsome duck! I agree!! LOL!! 🙂

  12. Gorgeous photos… makes me want to dive in and have a swim with the ducks!

  13. I love how you can see the feet, it is a great photo. Just like most of us I would imagine, calm on the surface working like crazy underneath the water to keep everything going. Ah the life of a Mum!

  14. Great photos! Will have to show them to my older son in the morning- he has been trying to “quack” lately and loves it when I do so I am sure he will get a kick out of these!

    Happy WW!

    • My kids love to quack, too. They loved this duck and were quite intrigued with him.

  15. Love the colours of the Duck Becky. Gorgeous .
    Thanks for linking up WW.

  16. Beautiful pic Becky!!

  17. AWESOME! Great pics Becky! x

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