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Today saw the close of my Nutty Recipe Challenge to win a $50 nut hamper. When I prepared and posted the challenge I was excited. I had visions of trying each and every recipe entered, not before the challenge ended but certainly over the next couple of weeks. Being in a dinner making slump where we eat the same things week in, week out is not fun and I was so ready to spice things up with some nutty meals.

Alas, it was not to be. I did not receive even one email. Not a single entry. Not even an inkling of interest. To say I was crushed is an understatement!

I could have thrown in the towel, had a tanty complete with feet stamping and door slamming (it has been one of those weeks, after all), instead I’m going to sweeten the deal and try again because;
1) I really do want to try some yummy new recipes which incorporate nuts and
2) I’m excited to giveaway a nut hamper

So, along with a $50 nut hamper, the winner will now also win a three month subscription to Australian Good Taste magazine.

To go into the draw simply send your favourite healthy recipe with a nutty twist to me via email (becky{@}beckyandjames{.}com) and I will post a show case of the best recipes along with the winning one. Photos accompanying your email gets you brownie points as I am one of those people who like to SEE what I am meant to be making (mainly so that I can go ‘Wow, mine doesn’t look like that‘ at the end).

Alternatively, if you don’t have a favourite recipe you can try and enter one of the recipes on the Nuts For Life website.

*Please note: your recipe might be published on the Nuts For Life website.

Entries close midnight June 23rd 2011 (AEST, ie Sydney time) and will be drawn by me. Please note, entry is only open to Australian residents and be sure I have your contact details in case you win!!

If the prize is not claimed within a week, this competition will be redrawn.

Disclosure: This challenge is being hosted by myself in conjunction with Porter Novelli and Nuts For Life. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

Australian Good Taste magazine provided by Morey Media and Taste.

Okay, now off you go and send me a delicious entry (pretty please!)

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  1. HI, sorry about the no entries, that is one of my biggest fears, so far I have had a few entries to each of my giveaways but truly one would think people would be rushing at the chance to win something!! Anyway, I will look into my recipes and see what I can organise, I don’t often do healthy things with nuts, its more sweet stuff, but I will try! I have a giveaway at present, with only a couple of entries atm, swing by if you want, if you live in Sydney as its a free ticket to the Food and Wine show in Sydney. All the best for the giveaway:) I’ll e-mail something soon:)

    • Thanks Courtney – I am open to entries which are maybe a little bit naughty 😉
      Looking forward to your entry!

  2. I totally forgot. I am definitely going to do this now.
    I love good taste magazine.
    How healthy does it have to be ?

    • Nuts make it healthy, don’t they? 😉

  3. Oh Becky, I’m so sorry! How on earth did I miss this?

    Being vegetarian, we are nuts about nuts!

    And so I’m entering. And now off to your original post to see what I have to do.

    Looks like I’m now in for a bit of competition!


    • Yay – thanks Kymmie. Can’t wait to see what you enter!

  4. Oh, and did I mention how much I love your new look? Very nice!


  5. I so wish I had healthy nut recipe. Might have to go in search of one. I love good taste type mags. Blogging can be a bit soul destroying sometimes. But don’t ever giveup Becky – you write really well. Your style is beautifully polished and easy to read. I’m a big supporter of this blog. Hey – do you find this light grey text in the comment writing section hard to read. I’m squinting at it – might be my age!!

    • I love those types of mags, too. It makes me wish I could cook beautifully and make it look amazing, too!
      Thank you for your support on this blog. It means so much to me. It can be tough, this bloggy caper but it’s friends like you that I’ve made along the way which make it easier when things seem bad.
      And yes, the writing in this box IS hard to read – I’m not sure how to change it. Will get the technical man onto it! x

  6. Just found your via FFYB.

    I cannot certainly enter this and claim it as my own and as it is a not too healthy dessert it may not fit the criteria. However, I LOVE Nancy from Life in the Smelly Lanes banana and choc bundt cake. Peacans and walnuts really set it off…


    worth the joy!

    • Oh my gosh – thank you for sharing this! I SO want to try it!

  7. Here’s my nutty entry: my mum’s xmas gourmet cake (so delish!!)
    the recipe can be found here:

    fingers crossed 🙂

  8. Ooh, Becky, I’m going to have to go do a little searching, I think. 🙂

  9. The only recipe I have that has nuts in it is rocky road… um… I think I might sit this one out 😛

  10. I finally submitted my entry. I’m afraid the nuts are more of a garnish, but i do love this slice (Date Caramel Slice). i’ve made it without the nuts (for a friend who has allergies) and it just didn’t taste as nice.

  11. Ok here is my entry – it’s naughty but a little healthy if you swap nuts (good cholesterol for some of the choc bits)



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