It’s All About the Boobies

As a mother of three children I have spent the past 3 and a bit years with my breasts out feeding, feeding, feeding. While I was once quite self-conscious about that part of my body I have now had enough midwives poke, prod and randomly man handle me, enough awkward public feeding moments due to a starving baby and enough toddlers-with-hands-down-my-top moments to have accepted my boobieliciousness.

Since the first midwife grabbed hold of me and attached my baby; I have been a changed woman, so to speak.

I have always spoken openly about body parts with the girls and have always called them by name except in the instance of my Booby Pocket. This is exactly what it sounds like. I discovered early on in motherhood that my breasts served a great purpose, yes – feeding my baby was the greatest purpose, but they also provided me a quick, efficient place to keep things.

Until recently, I hadn’t thought much about the fact that we talk about breasts, bras and Booby Pockets; it was just life. Then, Kahlei and Ellie started picking out bras they liked while shopping with Nanna and I. It was cute.

Then, this Friday, Kahlei and I did some window shopping. While walking past the bras she started saying “I want boobies” and “I love boobies” before pointing at a couple of women walking by and saying “they have boobies”. I couldn’t stop laughing, even while being completely mortified.

Later, as I told James about our adventures we started talking about how it’s a positive that she is looking forward to these things. I was one of those children who didn’t really expect to develop breasts and it was quite traumatic. Having spoken about the fact that when they’re older they will have the same body parts as Mummy means they will not be taken by surprise. I hope, instead that this openness will instead help them embrace the changes they experience and give them a little bit of confidence through those tumultuous years.

As the years go by, I hope to help them focus on the positives of developing and through everyday life and discussion give them the tools to respect their bodies.

One thing I know is that they’re both looking forward to having Booby Pockets of their very own.

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment like this?
Do you talk about these types of issues with your children?


  1. that is gold! yes i would have been mortified too! but makes for a funny story that will come back to haunt her in later years!
    i can’t think of any public funny moments with my two…but the lil emp embarrasses me with his refusal to talk to people and by people i don’t mean strangers! when we first meet up with people – even his school friends in the morning, he refuses to speak to them until he is ready, even though they have spoken to him to say ‘hello’. i find it quite embarrassing cause it seems soooo rude…

    • I do look forward to bringing this up when she’s older 😉
      My eldest daughter has started the whole not talking to people when they say hello thing, too. At first I was embarrassed; I hate rudeness and it seemed so rude but I’ve started ignoring it. I figure she’ll warm up when she’s ready and at three I’m (pretty) sure she’s not being rude…

  2. You gotta love kids when they talk like this.
    My kids call bras “boobs” so only a few weeks ago when I took my 3 yr old girl to Target with me she was fascinated with the bra section saying a little too loudly “Mum, look there’s boobs like yours”
    I had to laugh although the other people in the shop were a little confused!

    • Love it! These little things that make us chuckle (and maybe turn a little red at times) are so precious, aren’t they?

  3. My son has been asking for the How did I begin book lately – so I’ve been reading it but it’s hard to explain to a 4 year old. So then we had the penis discussion, as we had tended to call it willy, and he said one of his friends calls it a penis. I said yes, because that’s what it’s called….then tried to explain girls parts and boys parts…..hmmmm

    • We have a ‘bits obsession’ here. Ever since we brought home a little boy with different bits it’s been a topic of great interest. Such funny little things!

  4. I haven’t needed to have that chat yet, my little girl is 3 and my son is still a baby. I’m dreading it! Will possibly send them to Grandma’s house when they start asking questions…..

    • Love that idea. We actually live with my mum at present but she just looks at me when the questions start. Maybe I should start leaving the house at that point 😉

  5. Thanks, hon, I needed that laugh!! I’ve definitely had some very embarassing moments around boobs, boob feeding and (wait for it) the ‘extra boob’ growing on my forehead. Yes, my second born loudly asked me in front of most of the school parents whether I was growing an extra boob on my head. Honey, the pimple was NOT THAT BIG!! ??? x

    • Ohhh no! Kids know just what to say to make you wish the ground would open up and swallow you, don’t they? At least we get to embarrass them when they’re teenagers. I guess it balances out in the end.

  6. Hey it’s changed a bit around here 😉 I’m intrigued – booby pocket??? And exactly what are you storing?! Best comment Goose would have made would be the ‘mummy, I have a small vagina, but one day I’m going to have a big vagina just like you!’ Err, thanks 😛

    • We’ve had a bit of a make over 😉 Yes, booby pocket. At the moment I am most likely to have a dummy (or two), a pen, change and sometimes things that even I go What The? when I fish them out.
      I love your Goose’s statement. Kids, eh?

  7. That was lovely. It made me giggle.

    I’m still breastfeeding my twins (almost 6 months old) and it’s not as relaxing as feeding one bubba (I also have a three year old who was breastfed). I was very self concious at first because hey, both my boobs were flopped out to two munchkins ready to suckle – so much for being discreet!

    Now, well, it doen’t bother me anymore although it does any man who walks in the room accidently *hehehe*. Boobies rock!

  8. LOL – That’s really cute… And really funny! I’m a new mum (4 months now!) and I often think about my new body and its new purpose. My boobies especially. It was a real pleasure to read about your Boobie-licious-ness too! LOL!

  9. Bahaha gold. I used to put my mum’s bras on and put oranges in them then chuck a shirt over the top so I looked like her. Who would’ve known that rockmelons would have been more appropriate?

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