Wordless Wednesday: Happiness Is…

...taking the time to stop at the park

and the resulting naps

Playing along with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith, Hope and a whole lotta Love


  1. They look like they had a great time. Wish my child would nap like that after the park 😉

    • I dread the day when day time sleeps are over. I tell my husband they will have day sleeps until they go to school. I am possibly in some kind of denial…

  2. Swings+Playground+Slides=Guaranteed naptime !
    Your kids are gorgeous 🙂
    Happy WW x

  3. Gotta love the after park nap! 🙂

    • It’s my favourite kind of nap, I think.

  4. always good to run them out, means you might be likely to get a bit of peace and quiet. Hope that’s how things panned out for you.

    • I managed to get a nap myself!

  5. Gorgeous! Loving your photos, your girls are growing so fast, looks like there having a lot of fun.

    I wish Jaxen was still napping through the day. x

    • Thanks Jane. Has Jaxen dropped his day nap?? I would not cope without that time, even if it’s only 5 minutes where all three are asleep.

  6. I don’t know a single little tacker that would disagree that happiness is a day at the park.

    • Agreed. They didn’t even care about the crazy wind or how cold it was.

  7. Awesome park you have there!

    • It really is, Amy. It’s an ‘adventure playground’. It’s huge and has so much for them to do. We love it.

  8. So cute! Love the shots of them going down the slide! My girl loves the park too!

  9. Love the photos of them going down the slide; their expressions are identical! Just gorgeous

  10. Great photos, love a trip to the park 🙂

  11. A slippery dip never fails to bring the gorgeous smiles. x

  12. Woohooooo! They look like they are having so much fun!! Don’t you just love those worn out naps!

  13. Looks like a lovely day, Happy WW xx

  14. Teeheehee! Too cute. Love the slide photos. They look like they had an absolute ball. And don’t you just love when it results in a day nap! Ahhh….

  15. Looks like it was an exhausting day! Too cute!

  16. I love how much they love the park… I want to come next time!!!

  17. Love park photos!!

    Love nap times too!

  18. …and that`s why we all love the park!

  19. Love these photos. They have such joy and energy. Makes me want to whip my 30-yr-plus body down a slide again!

  20. GOLD , I love this set of pics and a nap.
    Happy WW , thanks for linking up.

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