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It’s been awhile since I last shared what I know with you and I thought it was about time I did so again. This week I know;

* This going back and forth from the Central West to the South Coast is exhausting, but once the house is sold I also know we will miss having a ‘weekender’

* I am going to have a hard time deciding which recipe to pick as the winner of my Nutty Recipe Challenge. So many delicious things. I can’t wait to try them all. Look out tomorrow for a winner!

* I am not prepared to do things I am uncomfortable with, that don’t fit in with my vision for my blog, even for sponsorship to Blogopolis.

* Shoes can teach you lessons

* I really, really want to try macaroons. Really, really.

* Getting a new blog up and running takes quite a bit more time than I realised but it’s also pretty exciting.

* Teething sucks.

* Tomorrow is Saturday and I have my fingers crossed for a sleep in tomorrow…

What do you know today?


  1. Nice one! I know that if I teach the girls how to turn on the tv to abc2, I’m guaranteed a sleep-in tomorrow. At least that’s the plan!

    • We tried that for a while but for whatever reason it caused more trouble than sleep ins! Maybe when they’re a bit older

  2. I hear you on traveling – we have been going from Sydney to Dubbo (4-5hrs each way).
    I can’t remember what I have in what fridge or pantry and things get let behind. Hope you sell your home too soon.

    I want to try macaroons too.

    (Ps just a little feedback the font colour in the comment box is a little hard to see)

    • Thanks for the feedback on the font colour.
      I’ve just made it darker. Hope that helps.

    • It is so draining and confusing, isn’t it. Just today I’ve left my husband’s gel and the baby’s bonjella 5 hours away – it’s going to be a LONG week without those things!
      I hope you sell yours soon, too, life will be much easier without the back and forth!

      And thanks for the feedback; I had been told once before and completely forgotten with all that’s going on. James has fixed it now. x

  3. I hope you get that sleep in! I know I really, really want to try a macaroon too, and I would really, really like to be able to bake one!

    • I did get a sleep in! A wonderful, beautiful sleep in thanks to my marvelous hubs.

      I would like to be able to bake one, too. That would be awesome!

  4. Look out-once you eat a macaroon you will want them all the time!

  5. Teething suck. Yes it does! From a mama battling a li’l princess with two teeth coning at once! *sigh*

    • Poor Holly. It’s such a horrible thing for them to go through and it’s horrible for us to have to go through it, too! If only they could be born with teeth. But, that would be weird and I do so love that gummy smile time.

  6. Good on you for being honest enough not to sponsor on your blog. I’ve been tossing up for quite some time and still can’t decide! So for now the answer is ‘no’! xx

    • I am open to sponsorship; especially if it gets me to Blogopolis and the Bloggers Brunch, but not if it is something that doesn’t fit with my blog or is something that I’m not comfortable with.

      I have to admit it was hard to turn the cash down but in the end I wasn’t prepared to ‘sell my soul’ for it.

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