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Today I finally posted my first official review on our new review blog; BeckyandJames Do Reviews.

Back in April I mentioned in my Pinocchio Review I mentioned that I love to do reviews and that I was thinking about starting a dedicated blog to avoid saturating this blog with products.

There has been a lot of talk recently about working with PR, reviews, monetisation and all that surrounds brands and blogs and I have to admit it has made me somewhat uncomfortable. I don’t want to be seen as greedy and out to get whatever freebies I can as that is certainly not the case. The decision to start this blog was made because I found myself loving everything reviewing entailed. I also don’t want this post (which I had planned to run today in conjunction with our launch) to sound like I am trying to explain myself in light of these recent discussions.

I discovered a passion for sharing honest experiences, thoughts and opinions. Not that I don’t do that here about life, but being able to offer something that might help another make a decision appeals to me. Not to mention wanting to shine a light on relevant, positive and innovative companies; in particular Work at Home Mums who might want some extra exposure.

I have also needed ‘something’ outside of life as a mum. Testing, photographing, researching and writing up the reviews made me feel, a little, like I was ‘working’ and that made me feel good.

Being married to a constant ‘reviewer’ I also know how invaluable another person’s point of view can be. James simply doesn’t buy anything without first doing his research. Personal experience – from a reputable source – has helped us make decisions from which fridge to buy, where to stay, what car to purchase, what bike we’ll get Ellie… the list goes on (and on). I like to think that I will be offering parents a place to find great movies, experiences, toys, technology and so much more.

I also hope to be able to cover a great scope of products by branching out.

It’s been a long road to here and I’m excited that we’re up and running. I hope you guys will support me in this new endeavor. And if you have something you would like reviewed let me know!


  1. Good luck with the new blog!

  2. Looks great Becky – well done and all the very best with it 🙂

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