How {NOT} to Feed 7 People with $28

Yesterday’s post caused some alarm, which I did not intend and is unwarranted, it would seem. After James read my post he mentioned that we don’t have to survive a whole fortnight with what I bought with $28, cue HUGE sigh of relief – I must have heard “twenty eight dollars” and “fortnight” and gone into a spin.

Probably would have been better off buying strawberry plants..

In my very tightly budgeted shopping, I thought I would get quite clever and buy two trays of sausages. For $8.00. Yes, that is a rather large slice of 28 dollars, but I had a plan. Those sausages were going to do at least three meals. Sausage sandwiches, sausage curry + rice and then sausage something-or-other. It was brilliant and I was happy to use up just under a third of my budget on them.

I came home and unloaded my one bag of shopping. One bag. Shopping, packing and unpacking alone with three children is so much easier when you only have one bag, but I digress.

So, dinner time rolls around and the sausages are cooked… and devoured. All of them. In one fell swoop, three night’s worth of ‘planned meals’, gone. And this all happened before I knew we didn’t actually have to survive two weeks on what I had bought.

I am sorry about any undue worry I may have caused and am happy to report we will not be starving anytime soon. Well, it is still a little while until I can shop again and I do have two meals to make up, but you get the idea.

I would love this revelation to mean sponsorship is not such a pivotal ingredient to my Melbourne trip. However, the reality is that I am still in the same position. Just with a fuller tummy. We have worked out that going to Melbourne and putting down the money to rent a place is in the same ball park and while I love my Mum, I would be remiss if I didn’t chose to save that money for when we find somewhere to live.

Seven, sometimes 8, people living in a tiny 3 three bedroom place is a bit of an ask. I think we will all get along so much better once I take my hoard and get them organised in our own space. We all need that.

So, my focus is still securing sponsorship to leave that money (which we don’t actually have anyway) free for moving.

Now I have to go make dinner out of thin air…


  1. Glad to hear that Becky because I really didn’t know how anyone (ever a really super clever shopper) could do it with 3 little people. Did you get any responses to your call out yet? Hope so lovely lady. Looking forward to seeing you IRL again at the end of the month. 🙂

    • And let me tell you, Caz, I am NOT a super clever shopper (but you might have figured that out by this post, yeah?).
      So far, no response. Fingers are crossed that something will come through.
      Can’t wait to catch up x

  2. Oh, nothing worse than being taken the wrong way, is there? I know what you mean though

  3. Becky that is a lot of snags in one night! Have you seen the $120 food challenge blog? Or the Simple Savings website? Might be some tips in there to help shave a few bucks off the budget. xxx

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