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If there’s one thing I’ve learnt this year it’s that the more things your children are involved in, the more illness they will pickup, especially in these winter months.

I shared my thoughts on Euky Bearub yesterday and today, thanks to FGB Natural Products, I have 3 x Euky Bearub Packs to giveaway to help YOU keep the nasties at bay.

Each pack contains a Plush Koala and a 50g tube of Euky Bearub, valued at $40.

To go into the draw to win a Euky Bearub Pack simply leave me a comment telling me in 50 words or less  your best ‘keep sickness at bay’ tips.

Entries close midnight July 20th 2011 (AEST, ie Sydney time) and and the best answer will be chosen by me. Please note, entry is only open to Australian residents and be sure I have your contact details in case you win!!

If the prize is not claimed within a week, this competition will be redrawn.

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  1. Oh boy have we needed this at our house this winter!! Getting the kids to wash their hands regularly is hard work – but does keep the bugs away! The other thing I’ve found makes a huge difference is opening the windows and doors on occassions during winter and getting some fresh air in the house. It’s hard – because it might cold here – but so worth it!!

  2. Washing hands is a big one especially for kids they will touch anything and everything then put their hands in their mouth, fresh fruit and vegies and extra garlic into anything the kids wont notice.

  3. Washing hands regularly, especially before and after handling food. Another big one is disinfecting benchtops and tabletops and also increasing Vitamin C intake during the winter months.

  4. 1. Taking care when preparing food, by using separate cutting boards for meat and vegetable preparation.
    2. Keeping up with flu shots and vaccinations and trying to minimise the use of antibiotics.
    3. Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing.
    4. Own a dog because they love unconditionally.
    5. Laughter.

  5. Don’t let them sit around. Put a raincoat on and send them out to jump in puddles and stomp in mud 😛 Keep their spirits up, the motivation going, and the laughter everywhere.

  6. Keep nice and warm and snug,
    So we dont catch the yucky winter bug!
    Lots of fresh fruit and veggies for their tummy
    Keeps me a very happy mummy!
    As soon as a sniffle is heard it’s time to rest,
    In bed with a hot water bottle is best!

  7. At the first signs of sickness rub feet with a eucalyptus rub (euky Bearub maybe!)and pop on some warm sock before going to bed – I don’t know how but it’s an old trick that works!

  8. A teaspoon of honey when we get home from day care is a natural way to kill mouth and throat germs and also bring out a smile.

  9. I like to put a little eucalyptist oil on the underside of the pillow slip so it seeps through and clears any nasal congestion at night!

  10. Euky Bear in the night before pretty much every night! 😀

  11. I make sure I wipe down all door handles, light switches, keyboard, remotes, etc, when little friends come to play because they may not seem sick at the time but could easily be getting sick and have brought the bug into your home, then I pray.

  12. Wash hands
    Eat fruit and veges
    Don’t share water bottles

  13. Fresh air and fresh food every day.

  14. Clean hands and fresh air with lots of water, anything natural is good!

    • sorry it left two comments..:(

      • That’s okay Meagan. Sometimes it’s fickle like that!

  15. Clean hands, fresh air and lots of water, anything natural is perfect!

  16. – Always wash your hand with soap when possible or carry a bottle of hand sanitiser
    – Eat lots of oranges and mandarins to keep up your Vitamin C intake
    – Consider getting a flu shot, especially if you’re like me and seem to get it every winter!
    – Betadine Throat Gargle is amazing for sore throats!

  17. Teach kids to wash their hands after useing restroom, after playing outside and before eating food.
    Keep their immunisation up to date.
    When travelling use sanitisers to clean their hands.

  18. teach kids to say please and thank you

  19. Nothing but healthy food, love, and lots of exercise! We’ve all gotta start eating fresh food and finding our 30 minutes a day.

  20. An orange away keeps the nasties at bay!! oh and…Always, i repeat ALWAYS wear a scarf in winter!!!!

  21. An orange a day keeps the nasties at bay!! oh and…Always, i repeat ALWAYS wear a scarf in winter!!!!

  22. Playing in the dirt, running on the rugby field and more often than not sliding through the mud, having the pet dog in their beds and using the 10 second rule for any food that fell on the floor has NEVER hurt my three boys. Get them out of the house, let them get dirty and keep them healthy with plenty of exercise and healthy eating. One small treat a day is all they need when it comes to junk food. Always try to use natural products when they are unwell and keep their immune systems healthy – stay away from antibiotics where possible.

  23. In winter sickness and bugs are hard to avoid the best thing you can do is stay warm and get fresh air

  24. The best method to keep sickness at bay, Euky Bearub makes coughs and colds go away. Rub it on, fresh eucalyptus smell, those sickly symptoms won’t dare to dwell.

  25. When my children are ill, I’ll keep them home from school and kinder, no sharing of germs. This winter we have all been taking a vitamin C chewable tablet and it’s been ok. Washing of hands is a yes and spoon of honey is always good too.

  26. teach your kids to say please and thank you. and to always think positively

  27. 1. Always eat breakfast
    2. Eat a variety of healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, etc.)
    3. Stay active, don’t be a couch potato!
    4. Drink plenty of water
    5. Participate in activities you enjoy… and have FUN!

  28. Wash Hands
    Frequent handwashing is a must if you hope to keep germs at bay.

    Bring Your Own
    Carry your own sanitized items with you and avoid using public facilities

    Disinfect the House
    Use germ-killing cleaning products

    Flu shot
    get a flu shot

  29. 1. Good diet, including lots of fruit for snacks
    2. Dress your child warmly and doggedly dress them!
    3. Ensure they wash their hands and learn good hygiene.
    4. And if all else fails, Euky Bearub and tea tree oil will triumph at the scene of the slime!

  30. Sometimes it’s no longer a question of staying healthy. It’s a question of finding a sickness you like. But without illness I wouldn’t not have been able to accomplish all I have.

  31. I’m an old fashioned girl and think good food (preferably home grown, fresh air & sunshine work wonders for the immune system as does a daily dose of good old Cod Liver Oil which doesn’t taste too bad and comes in capsules for the squeamish! And lots of love helps!

  32. eat lots of healhy food, take vitamin c tablet every day and use hand snitizer all the time

  33. Fresh fruit and veggies, water to keep hydrated, exercise and fresh air, plenty of sleep and TLC! Stay positive and when a cold hits, warm clothes and a eucalyptus rub on the chest, back, feet and under the nostrils works wonders with a lemon, honey and hot water chaser.

  34. Get up early, wrap up warm and take a quick brisk walk around your street. Always take Vitamin C. Always wash your hands reguarly and cough into your elbow.

  35. number 1. FLU SHOTS
    2. drink lots of water because many sicknesses come when dehydrated
    3. eat fruit and veg daily
    4. always wash your hands after going to the toilet / touching pets etc and always wash hands before handling food.
    5. Euky Bearub helps 😀
    6. an apple a day keeps the doctor away
    7.get plenty of rest.
    8.dont go out in the cold wearing summer clothes.

  36. Plenty of fruit and vegies, cleverly disguised as something tasty, not healthy, plenty of water and a good run around each day. This will keep those winter bugs at bay and will make sure the little ones grow strong, as well

  37. Be mindful of hygiene.
    Keep everything clean.
    Wash hands before dinner,
    Safe food prep’s a winner.
    Remember germs can’t be seen.

    But don’t be too protective
    Some chemicals you’ll need to be selective.
    Try a natural antiseptic,
    And you may not be so sick.
    Your immune system won’t be defective.

  38. Always keep warm,
    Stay in the best form!
    Stay out of the cool,
    don’t go into the pool.
    Stay rugged up in bed,
    Always be well fed.
    If you feel a runny nose,
    Make sure you cover your toes!

  39. my best tip is to let my kids get a lil dirty and to not try and protect them from all jerms otherwise they wont develop an immmune system to sickness.

  40. My best advice is to stop being afraid of getting sick! Keep taking walks even if it’s dark and cold outside. Get plenty of fresh air. Meet up with your friends to keep up good spirit. And of course eat and sleep well!

  41. Plenty of sleep, sunshine, fresh air, healthy food, love, fun, handwashing & rub eucy bear rub on thieir chests & back at the first sign of a cold.

  42. Always plenty of fresh fruit and vegies , plenty of fluids and sleep,
    when colds are on the go , i spray the door knobs and rooms with Glen 20 and disinfect the toys , seems to help

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