Things I Know

I awoke this morning knowing quite a bit, I even started writing this post in my head. Now, that I have a moment to actually write it I seem not not know as much as I thought…

Anyway, here’s what I know today;

* Going to bed at 2am when you still have a bub that wakes throughout the night and two children who like to be up and ‘ready to go’ early is NOT a good idea.

* Winter and I do.not.mix.

* This story is completely awesome

* I do know how to divide 500 by two. Really I do.

* Jet Lag by Simple Plan is better in French.

* A new tooth cutting through is exciting until the first feed after said tooth comes in, then not so much.

* Being a blogger is all kinds of awesome.

* I’m still looking for Sponsorship for Bloggers Brunch and Blogopolis…(hint, hint)

* Donna Hay mixes are yummy

Sony, Winter with Sony,

* My Little Man is already a little heart breaker, wooing the Sony Family on our whirlwind trip to Sydney for Winter with Sony.

* George Houvardis from Packed to the Rafters is lovely

* I am still so socially inept. I feel totally overwhelmed in social situations and avoid speaking to people I would like to and possibly come across rude when I am simply freaking out.

* I don’t look forward to teaching my kiddos to drive. By the time they’re on their learners permits they will probably have to do a million hours over five years …

* 3D movies are AWESOME. Cars 2 and Transformers 3 blew my mind (yes, it was my first time watching 3D)

What do you know?


  1. I have such a hard time when I’m up at night with the wee lady and the other two ladies wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed and are ready for summer action. It’s a tough balance, for sure. Yup. 3D movies are so cool.

    • It is, isn’t it. I can’t wait until they’re teenagers who just want to sleep, although by then I’ll be old and probably happy to get up early… Catch 22, I guess!

  2. You know some good stuff Becky!! I’m slowly starting to feel a little anxious about meeting so many stellar bloggers at the Bloggy Brunch and Blogopolis. We’ll have to set up a little corner for the ‘somewhatoverwhelmed’. :O)

    • I am WAY past a little anxious and right into completely freaking out territory. I think you’re onto something there about the corner for the ‘somewhatoverwhelmed’ – I am so there!

  3. Great post! I hear you on the driving, I’ve been teaching my lil brother and it seems crazy the amount of hours they have to do – but then again if it make safer drivers I’m for it :o)
    Will have to listen to Jetlag in French, Hubby and I love that song!

    • I took my brother to Sydney recently, which got me thinking about it. You’re right, though, it’s making them better drivers in the long run and that’s the most important thing.

  4. Well, I have to say, you know an AWFUL lot! I’m having a giggle about some of those things, because winter and I aren’t exactly friends right now either 😉

    I wanted to pop over and say a big THANK YOU for the basket that arrived on our front porch this week. We have been overrun by nuts! But it’s okay, it just so happens that we use an awful lot of them at our place. So excited!

    Now off to discover what this winter with Sony thing is all about. Have a great weekend Becky! xx

    • Thanks Kymmie!

      I am so excited your hamper arrived! That’s awesome. I hope you love it!!

  5. Thanks for joining in!

    Winter and I are not friends either

  6. Hey… I know a lot of the same things that you know! LOL

    • I think we must be pretty clever 😉

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