Being Different

On our recent trip to Mogo Zoo I found this flower. On our first trip past it I gave it a glance and thought how different it was before trotting off to see some more White Lions. After visiting the monkeys and lemurs I was drawn to it again, poking out through the fence, different yet beautiful in it’s way.

Since then I have been continually drawn to this photo; drawn to what I feel it represents, to the hope it holds. So often we’re told being different is a bad thing. There are times we’re encouraged to not explore who we are outside of the ‘norm’ because being different is, well, different and not always looked upon kindly.

We aren’t taught to embrace the things which make us unique as often as we should be. We aren’t encouraged to see other people’s quirks for the truly wonderful, character defining things they are.

I want to teach my children what this flower has been speaking to me since I first photographed it; since I saw it for the second time and got past the fact that it’s not at all like any other flower I had ever seen and realised it’s beauty lay within that very fact.

If you know what type of flower this is, I would love to know (you’ll probably tell me it’s really quite common or a weed or something)!



  1. Great post…I am always drawn more to people who embrace their uniqueness. Nothing more boring than everyone trying to be the same. Beautiful flower, no idea what it is either 🙂

    • I think I am, too and it’s always been so weird to me that they are the ‘outcasts’. You miss out on so much if you write people off because they’re different.

  2. Lovely post Becky. You write so beautifully 🙂

    • Thanks Caz, you’re too sweet x

  3. Different…unique……aren’t we all. Great post and love the flower!

    • So true, if we were all the same how boring would life be!

  4. You’re right, we don’t embrace those things that make us unique enough. Gorgeous flower, I’d love to know what it is too.

    • It’s looking like I’ll have to search to find out what it is!

  5. What a gorgeous uplifting post. That is one bee-youtiful flower too! Have no idea what it is…

  6. I can’t see the photo!
    But you’re right, it is good to be different

    • Oh no! No one else has mentioned any problem. I wonder why it wouldn’t be showing up. So weird!

  7. Beautiful post. It is a beautiful “original” flower. Ive never seen one like that before. Love the photo and the quote. xo

  8. What an eye on you to see and appreciate that flower. It is gorgeous and so different. Love the message! Here from FYoB.

    • I’m glad I did, I could have so easily missed it and I love looking at it.

  9. Hi Becky

    Beautiful fingernails AND contemplating the beauty of differences – Looks like we’ve been on the same wavelengths this week!

    I wrote about differences too very recently – specifically about embracing the differences between people. I loved reviewing my thoughts about this, through your perspective and this beautiful flower. Wonderful that you allowed yourself to slow down, to witness the beauty in simplicity right before your eyes, that you so easily could have missed out on otherwise.

    Thank you for your warmth.


    • Thanks Lina. I will have to go back and read your post on it.
      And I am loving my nails, I spend a lot of time looking at them, hehe.

  10. ahhh yes. that’s the lesser known and very rare tiger moth daisy.

    no, actually I have no idea. But I agree that different is often beautiful and more beautiful than the same old same.

    • Haha, I actually thought you knew what it was!!!


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