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I know it’s Saturday and I should have written and posted this yesterday, but the best I could do was write it in my head and hope it would translate when I got around to writing it. Here’s what I know this week;

* I love Day Care day and this week, having the carer call in sick made me realise just how much.

* Bridesmaids is the most hilarious movie, even if it’s a little uncomfortable to be sitting next to your mother in some (or most) parts.

* I have the most amazing, beautiful, awesome friend/adopted sister in Kirsty who bought me lovely pampering vouchers for my birthday last month

* Two teenage boys can watch three children for an hour and a half.

* I can sit and enjoy being child-free for said hour and a half to get my nails done thanks to a birthday voucher, guilt free and relaxed.

* New nails make Mumma feel good.

* Mummy coming home with pretty new nails leads to an impromptu nail painting and decorating session for two little girls.

* Leaving the nail polish out leads to finger painting as soon as the two year old can get her hands on the bottle when no one’s looking.

* Changing PND meds is not fun.

* I am ready for the transition to be over and done. I am completely drained.

* It’s really not fair to have my monthly visitor here to make me even more emotional through this faze!

* I am starting to freak out about Blogopolis. So many people, many of whom I look up to not to mention the fact that I am starting to worry that I will have to go looking particularly daggy and feeling cold!

* I am right more often than not, I don’t need 3 year olds to stick Zhu Zhu pets in their hair on a rebellious whim to prove it to me.

* That same three year old will never stick another Zhu Zhu pet in her hair, especially after I had to cut it out.

* I’m excited about the new season of Top Gear. Just don’t mention that to James or he might think I enjoy watching it.

* Sometimes the smallest thing can lead to a great epiphany

* I should be getting organised for our trip to Melbourne. Travel packs for the kids, clothes, maps, shoes and so on…

* My boy is already 8 months old and he thinks it’s time to start pulling himself up to a standing position. Why doesn’t he want to stay a baby for his Mumma?

* Ellie and Kahlei are enjoying having a brother who can now get around and play with them

* I get teary thinking about my Munchies growing up so fast. Ellie’ll be in school in 18 months, Kahlei is less and less a toddler every day and Jasper will be walking before I know it.

* I am seriously in need of and lusting for a new handbag (preferably before Blogopolis)

* I am going to get my family, house and self organised thanks to the gorgeous Marissa of Marissa Writes a Blog sending me a copy of Nicole Avery’s Planning with Kids book. Thank you sweet lady x

* My kids drive me crazy and fill my heart with joy daily.

* It never ceases to amaze me how quickly my girls can go from fighting to hugging and back again. And the constant fighting is really starting to get to me. I did not expect it to happen so early on.

* I keep staying up way too late. Would someone please make me go to bed?? Oh, wait, Harry Potter’s still on. Never mind..



  1. Becky – you sure know a lot this week 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you again at Blogopolis!! And oh ouchie to the Zhu Zhu in the hair things!! Did it make a big mess of her hair cutting it out? I guess they have to learn to listen to mummy – one way or another!!

    • I did feel quite knowledgeable writing this, actually 😉
      I cant wait to catch up again. Are you doing something in particular at lunch on the day? Trying to figure out if I should put my name down for the DP thing or what. Don’t want to end up eating by myself!

      Ellie didn’t lose much hair. Thankfully, it was only a few strands and a quick snip fixed it.

  2. I know I have also cut a zhu zhu out of my child’s hair and they will also never do it again lol

    I’m looking forward to meeting you at blogopolis!!

    • It’s an unfortunate lesson to have had to learn!

      Will be great to meet at Blogopolis! So excited.

  3. I have a little man who is walking far too soon for my liking!
    Great list 🙂 x

    • What is it with them growing up so fast? I keep telling Jasper he has to slow down but it’s just not happening!

  4. looking forward to seeing you again at blogopolis. Maybe you will have a voice this time.
    My 8 month old is also pulling herself up on things. It’s crazy!

    • It would be wonderful to actually have a voice and be able to talk to you – what a novel idea.

      Cheeky bubs wanting to be grown up before Mummies are ready. We’re currently having issues with him wanting to climb the stairs. He thinks it’s great fun!

  5. It’s lovely getting your nails done, glad you were able to get some time to yourself. I hope the change in medication settles soon. 🙂

    • I have found the best thing about the nails is I can keep looking at them and appreciate them and remember that time alone. It’s priceless!
      I think the everything’s starting to settle with the medication, although, I would hate to talk too soon!

  6. It will be great to see you again in Melbourne and thanks for giving my book a shout out!

    • Can’t wait to catch up and thank YOU for writing the book. I am loving it and marking SO many pages, learning so much.

  7. I look forward to meeting you at Blogopolis! I’m really glad you’re going :).

    • Yes, make sure we do! Can’t wait to meet you and say hi x

  8. Oh Becky, that photo of the Zhu Zhu! Priceless!! I hope you managed to get it out without too much hair loss x

    • It’s a good one. It actually looks worse than it was, mostly the crying was because I said I would have to cut her hair but, I am pretty sure it’s a good learning curve.

      It was only a few strands so there was minimal hair loss and you can’t tell now that it’s settled down into the rest of her hair.

  9. I find your “Things I Know” posts so funny! Especially watching the movie Bridesmaids with your mum! Too cute! I’m yet to see it, but am DYING to!

    Sorry you’re in the middle of an emotional upheaval. PND sucks at the best of times, let alone changing your meds.

    Thinking of you (and wishing I was going to meet you at Blogopolis!) DOH! xx


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