Things I Know

It’s Friday again, so it’s time for me to join Shae from Yay for Home with some Things I Know.

This week I know;

* Time seems to be going WAY too fast, wasn’t it only Friday, like, yesterday?

* Last week I intended to read and comment on every Things I Know post, because I love to read them but I simply didn’t make it

* I appreciate being sick on a Day Care day when Jasper’s having a growth spurt which requires lots of sleep as it means I actually get enough rest to start feeling human again.

* That no matter how many bright new toys my girls get they will always spend time playing with boxes and bits and pieces while developing their imaginations.

* This time next week I will be in Melbourne with my three Munchies and my mum and this time I want to actually see some of the city!

* I am completely freaking out about the Bloggers Brunch and Blogopolis while being completely excited.

* I have no clothes. And by no I mean ‘none acceptable to two blogger events where I am to meet uber bloggers who I adore and possibly stalk’

* I love letting winners of giveaways know they’ve won, it’s such a great feeling! (Congrats Erin, Antonietta and Kate on winning the Euky Bearub Packs!)

* My eldest child is 4 in (a day) less than a month and she’s already planning her party. To date she’s not had a party so I’m not sure what’s brought this on.

* Downloading apps people say are addictive will lead to your iPhone disappearing constantly because your husband ‘NEEDS’ to build his tower.

* BitBook can be more interesting than Facebook

* I should have refered to the point above the last and NOT downloaded Zombie Farm after reading this post. Oops.

* I should definitely not let James see that I did download a new game.

* It’s a little bit torturous knowing there’s a place close by selling Macaroons when I’ve never tried one and am desperate to!

* Waiting for important emails helps me keep on top of the craziness that is my inbox.

* My husband’s home (I know ‘coz my iPhone’s gone…)

* I really, really want an iPad 2. Will blog for one, or sing or dance (please note: I can’t sing or dance).

* This girl was so lucky to not get Mummy’s eyelashes!

What do you know this week?






  1. It sounds to me like your husband needs to get his own iphone! LOL My 2 year old is constantly taking mine!

  2. Beautiful eyelashes !
    See you next week at Blogopolis !

  3. I would sell my soul for a ipad lol

    Look forward to meeting you!!

  4. I know some things you know, I know I shall see you at the Bloggers Brunch and Blogopolis, I don’t have fancy clothes either so don’t worry about that. I also love letting people know that have won things. So cool 🙂

  5. Beautiful eyelashes, and gorgeous shot! You’ll treasure that one! I want an iPad 2 so bad as well!! I think I want to save my brownie points for a macbook though!

  6. Enjoy Blogopolis – I’m sure you’ll have the best time! I held out on Angry Birds for ages and now the whole family is addicted…I knew it would be like this so no other addictive cool games for us!

  7. Gorgeous eyelashes and things you know Becky.
    I can’t wait for BB & Blogopolis too.
    I am still working out the iPad2.
    I really want macarons too.
    (Read Shae’s message …no-one will unfollow you because of what you wear)

  8. What a gorgeous photo, love those eyelashes. I’d LOVE an ipad as well. I’ll happily be your back up dancer if there is one in it for me as well 🙂

  9. Isn’t it funny how your kids get showered with expensive state of the art toys and they just wanna play with boxes or dustpans and brooms (or something equally as mundane!) Have a great time in Melbourne 🙂

  10. You know so much – so Jealous!! See you friday!!! :O)

    • Yay! I love how you say ‘See you Friday’ like I’m a real person who sees people!! OMG so excited!

  11. I hope you have a FABULOUS time in Melbourne this weekend xx

  12. Yes…see you Friday.

    I imagine you won’t be too fussed about what I am wearing, true? Don some jeans and a jumper, its cold, we just wear jeans and black and that is it, wear the same thing for two days and every event, no one cares.

    I cant remember what a single person wore to abc so I doubt anyone remembers what I wore…and if they do, they should recognize me, as I am likely to be wearing it again.

    Catch you at brunch!

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