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Road Trip, Driving to Victoria,

Last night, I crawled into bed and was going to do a Wordless Wednesday post with little captions under the pictures capturing the first part of our road trip; from the Central West of NSW into country Victoria. I was going to write (wordlessly, of course) about photo bingo, road tripping with three children – who were ‘hungry’ practically the whole way – and my mum, road works, our dinner adventures and touch on this (without actually having to think about it because I didn’t want to relive it);

Followed by describing the fear I felt when we were almost out of fuel and I was sure my mother had been murdered by the locals

Victoria, Road Trip to Melbourne, Boathaven Holiday Park

she went to ask about a service station and my excitement at making it into Victoria; with my mother still alive. But, my phone/laptop had a conniption and that was that.

After a brief walk by the water this morning, which was practically right outside our cabin, we were on the road again.

The excitement of “We’re going to Melbourne!” soon wore off for Ellie, at least until we were coming into the city and she could feel the shopping vibrations calling her… (she may not be quite four but boy can that girl shop).

Given that this is the longest trip my girls have ever been on they were reasonably well behaved. They did have their moments, though I suppose if I was 2 and a half or 4 and had spent hour upon hour cooped up in the car I would have a tanty or two, too.

children on road trip, road trip tantrum

But, we’re here. We made it.

Surviving the NSW driver driving in Melbourne might be another story.

Or getting through the days with feral children who are completely overwhelmed that they are unable to concentrate or listen and are so excited by the sights, sounds and business that they’re completely over-stimulated.

It has been an interesting experience so far, that’s for sure. It’s been lovely but the difficult behaviour by the end of today had me (almost) practically pulling my hair out. Literally.

But, as I said above; we’re here.

Tomorrow I am going to be meeting some fabulous bloggers while brunching, being inspired and getting back on track goal wise. I can’t wait. Kind of. If you’re going to be there; I want to meet you!

Can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you all.


  1. Yay Becky! You are a trooper driving all that way; what an adventure already. Enjoy Blogopolis… and remember us stuck at home! 😉

  2. What an adventure! You did it! Hope you enjoy the conference immensely. x

  3. What a road trip! And I agree about the comment re: your mum! LOL!!
    Have a great time, Becky. Can’t wait to hear all about it. xx

  4. If only the drive could be skipped. Couldn’t we just have vacations without THE DRIVE?

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