A Melbourne Love Affair

at the Queen Victoria Building in Melbourne, tourist photo in melbourne, Queen Victoria Building

Now that we’re home safe and sound, it’s time for me to take a moment (or three) and go over the experience that was Melbourne. It was a whirl-wind five days full of ups, downs, lessons, passion, excitement, hot chocolate, disappointment, terror and new experiences.

I have so much going through my brain and heart that I don’t even know where to start with it all.

For me, Melbourne was a place of discovery. Discoveries about myself, my children, my blogging, life, Max Brenner… and some rediscovery of self.

Max Brenner, Max Brenner Chocolate, Max Brenner Hi-Ho, Food Photography

I learned early into our visit that my Ellie is a city girl at heart. She simply shone with joy at the shopping, people, hustle and bustle, coffee breaks and life style in general. She did not want to leave and has told me we should live there.

I saw sights you only see in big cities, I saw colour, glamour, the good and the bad.

I walked into Typo and Kiki K for the first time and discovered there really is no such thing as too much stationary.

In a single day I managed to both feel very proud and very disappointed in myself; the events I attended managed to cement my plans, desires and processes in terms of blogging while leaving me pondering my ‘physical’ place in the blogging community.

I came away from our trip with a head full of thoughts, a pad full of notes (I mean chocker-block-full), a boot full of goodies and amazing memories.

The next few days on the blog are going to be dedicated to my trip, the events and the city; so be warned if you’re already over the talk of Melbourne, Blogopolis and Bloggers Brunch!


  1. Not over it at all, Becky. And it sounds like you’ve got a completely unique perspective on it anyway! Looking forward to hearing more. x

    • Thanks Bron. I think I did have a differing experience to most others!

  2. I don’t think I can ever hear enough about Melborne, Blogopolis and the Bloggers Brunch. I didn’t get to attend the bloggers brunch like I had planned due to hubbies work so the more details you give me the better!

    Typo and Kikki K are the bees knees aren’t they? My bank balance loves that I did live near either!

    • Oh no! I would have been crushed to have missed out! I am getting to the Bloggers Brunch post – just kind of working backwards, lol.

      It was my first time in both stores and I feel instantly and madly in love!

  3. Can’t wait to read them Becky! I did a quick wrap up over the weekend but still need to do my post about the brunch. Still processing 😉

    Was so very awesome to meet you finally! xox

    • I’m getting to the Brunch post but feel like I have to purge all the Blogopolis stuff first!

      It was great to meet you too. I wish we’d had more time and I’d been more socially adept 😉

  4. Sounds like you had a blast! 🙂

    • I did, thanks Jane!

  5. I can’t wait to hear more too, as someone who did not go and would love to start planning on attending the next;I want to know it ALL!
    How cute is Ellie?! xx And I would have loved to have checked out Typo and Kiki K too. Glad you had a wonderful time Becky, and glad to have your blog posts rolling out once again, look forward to seeing the things you learnt come into fruition x

    • Thanks Carly. Even though I was there I am greedily reading everyone else’s wrap up posts. It’s amazing the different things we all got out of it and so great to go to someone else’s post and be reminded of something I wasn’t fast enough to catch and scribble down!

      And Typo and Kiki K are amazing. Amazing.

  6. I’m just reading through everyone’s wrap ups tonight, and I’m not over it at all! I wasn’t able to go because it was my little boys birthday so I’m living vicariously 😉

    • Next time, Kellie! I highly recommend going to one!

  7. Definitely no such thing as too much stationary!! Love it!!
    And so loved meeting you – although didn’t get nearly enough time to talk to you. Next time I think nuffnang will have to spread the conference out over two days and have some networking sessions so we can all have a good natter!!

    • It was great to meet you, too Cate! I think you’re right; they need to have more time for networking in amongst all the learning!

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