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One of the main reasons for me dragging my three children and mother the twelve hours to Melbourne was for me to attend Nuffnang’s Blogopolis, a day-long conference for bloggers covering 7 master classes.

It was a full day of learning, run to a strict schedule which I am still trying to process and recover from. There is much I need to mull over and so many things I will be implementing in my blogs.

I will not try to write a run-down of the whole day, the uber amazing Bree of The Blog Stylist has already done that; in fact she did it live at the event. Did I mention she was uber amazing? Yes? You can check out her posts here.

Instead I am going to share the tips, comments and moments which stood out to me.

* Provide good content. This, of course, is a no brainer and yet such an important tip at the same time. Content is King. Let’s not forget that.

* I have done the switch to WordPress recently and am loving it, however, I disagree with the negativity surrounding blogger. As the author of a blog, we need to choose the platform which meets our needs and not be put down for our choice. WP works for some and not others and that’s okay. A little more balanced approach to platforms would have been good practice.

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* Arnold Aranez of Mr Gadget rocked my SEO boat by speaking in clear and simple terms I could understand and answerinf many of the questions I have had surrounding SEO. He gave us six key tips to being in the top ten searches on search engines. This presentation was such a big deal for me, I am going to be coming back to share more on this in another dedicated post.

* Danielle Melnyczenko of Danimezza and Ming Giang of Eat Show & Tell got me thinking about my blog photographs, encouraging us to take a different angle, use what we’ve got and remember that everything is content. And Danielle’s tip of not having a big card in case of corruption makes such perfect sense. Such a logical thing, which I never even considered.

* Through the speakers I found some lovely new blogs to stalk and developed a few girl crushes. Susan Thye of Chocolatesuze had me giggling, Phoebe Montague of Lady Melbourne made me swoon with her classiness and Candice DeVille from SuperKawaiiMama had a sultry voice I could listen to all day. To top it off, these amazing, crush-worthy bloggers had amazing, intelligent, thought provoking things to say.

* Nikki of Styling You added some glam to the stage as she implored us to write in our own voice and get organised by planning and managing content. She reminded us that blogging is a conversation, a connection and we need to keep true to ourselves.

* The Working with Brands Master Class had me scratching my head. On the one hand we were being told to be honest; a blogger’s honesty is what makes them marketable because we’re trustworthy and then in the next breath we’re being told to change and adapt to the brand’s wishes and messaging. I was left feeling thankful that the brands and PR I have had contact with understand that I am going to be honest and I won’t put my integrity on the line for product/money.

* I’ve long know Darren Rowse, the ProBlogger himself, is a relatively big deal in the blogosphere, but I was completely blown away by his presentation. Clear, concise, down to earth, relative and full of blogging gold, Darren had me scribbling pages and pages of notes. This is another session I am going to have to blog about separately, I think, it was just chock-a-block full of tips all bloggers should hear. And, I think I ended up with a bit of a bloggy crush. Darren is a bit awesome.

* There were some awesome ‘quotables’. Here are a few of my favourites;
– “It’s like I’m an Olympian, representing my country.” – The ever amazing Eden from Edenland
– “Sometimes tweets happen.” – Darren Rowse, ProBlogger
– “You are as valuable as you are because you are who you are.” – David Krupp, Nuffnang
– “Look for the silver lining, use it to your advantage, work with people.” – SuperKawaiiMama on competition
– “Celebrate each others successes.” – Eden, Edenland
– “We are independant publishers.” – Nikki, Styling You

* And to finish off here are some key points I would like to highlight from the day;
– There is no blue print for successful blogging – Darren Rowse, ProBlogger
– PR; a source of information not revenue – Phoebe Montague, Lady Melbourne
    – Growing influence = growing responsibility – Candice DeVille, SuperKawaiiMama
– Tell the world something important – Darren Rowse, ProBlogger
– Bloggers give visibility to brands – Andrew  Hughs, Reprise Media
– Make buiding a community a priority – Christie Burnett, Childhood 101
– Embrace your unique style – Danielle Melnyczenko, Danimezza

I could go on forever. It was an amazing day.

If you still want more (I do) head on over to Courtney’s blog, Nobashake, where she’s set up a linky for us all to share our post Blogopolis posts.



ETA: A BIG, huge thank you to Kellogg’s and particularly Karina Lamb for sponsoring my attendance to Blogopolis. I’d like to also thank Saltprint, in particular Wick (James Wickham), for providing and designing my business cards.


  1. Great rundown Becky. I missed so much entertaining cheeky chops up the back. Looking forward to your in depth posts too!

    • I am glad I decided not to take Jasper along as ‘security’, as I had thought about doing. I would have missed SO much.

  2. You were definitely taking good notes! Thank you for reminding me of: “Say something important”.
    It’s nice to read what you got out of it, and to see that we’re on the same wavelength about a lot of things.
    I really enjoyed meeting you at lunch and scoffing down some pizza on our table.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Thank Lina. I so enjoyed meeting you and having lunch with you!
      I am enjoying the chance to pop around the blogs and see what others got out of the day – it’s a real eye opener!

  3. So fascinating, i really must get along to one of these blog conferences one day. At this rate, with my husband interstate for 4 years now, i’ll wait until my high schooler can seriously babysit the 3 younger ones & head off, out of Canberra – hardly a hub of blog conferences. Love Posie

    • You should so go to one! They are wonderful!

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words Becky! I really appreciated it 🙂 And PS: Oh, how I love your theme – beautiful!

    • Hi Bree! Thanks for popping by my little ‘ole blog! You did such a wonderful job; I had to take days to process it all to get this out.
      And thank you for your kind words on our theme. I quite like it!

  5. Glad my talk was useful Becky!

    Thanks for sharing your experience and I wish you all the best with your growing blog 🙂



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