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Last Friday, I got the chance to attend my second Bloggers Brunch which was put on by Room to Grow, Kids Business and Weight Watchers.

This event was definitely something I needed to be a part of as the speakers addressed issues such as weight loss, blogging and setting personal goals. All subjects I really needed to hear about and find the motivation on.

Melinda Gainsford-Taylor‘s talk was brilliant and inspiring. I found myself nodding along and wishing I had taken a book for notes. As an ambassador for Weight Watchers, she shared her struggles with maintaining a healthy weight after retiring from her Olympic career. She was a strong and engaging speaker and I certainly needed to hear what she had to say. If there’s one thing I need to address it’s getting fit and healthy.

The best tip she shared? Lay your clothes out on the floor the night before. Yes, the floor. I don’t know how many times I’ve planned a 6am walk only to get up, cold and tired and go ‘Oh, I don’t know where my clothes are’ before returning to bed. Melinda says that by putting your clothes out the night before you have no excuse.

Nicole Avery from Planning with kids amazed me again with her amazing ability to speak the things I need to hear and addressed blogging goals. I have often thought about making some goals in terms of blogging but was never quite sure how far to take my goal making. Nicole always leaves me feeling like I can get things done, that there’s hope. I will never be a Planning Queen like Nic but her talks empower and inspire me to get organised.

I intend to implement suggestion to write down our goals each month and review them regularly. Nicole shares her blogging goals on her blog on the beginning of the month and then reviews them at the end. It is a way to keep her accountable and I really love the idea. I might have to do a few months of planning privately to see how it pans out in my life before I go public, though!

But, I am sure I have mentioned once or twice that I have dreams for this blog and now also for the review blog and implementing a written goal plan can only lead to good things.

Heather James of Inspiring Mums shared some goal setting tips. I particularly liked her tip of Avoiding Carrots on your journey to your goal. I know the pull of other prospects, other offers which may take you off track or add more time to your initial timeline and Heather made me realise that, while those things might be great, you have to weigh them up against your goals and life and sometimes you have to say no. Read Heather’s wrap up post and in depth notes from the Brunch here.

Financial goals were addressed by Susan Jackson. Again, this is something I needed to hear. Money and I have our issues. I like money, but I like to part with money even more so Susan’s tips were great. I am sure James will be thankful to her as I start tracking my spending in a more practical way; ie as I actually track everything and not just the stuff that ‘counts’.

The Barnardos Mother of the Year award 2009,  Bernadette Black gave us a great quotable moment when she said “The journey will be different but the destination remains the same” which was advice Bernadette herself received from a teacher when she became pregnant at 16.

After the wonderful talks it was brunch time, however, I had put my hand up for some filming with the brands present and ended up missing out on the deliciousness, which I have just seen photos of on the Kidsbusiness Facebook page.

The filming gave me the opportunity to talk to some bloggers who I might have shied away from meeting due to being star struck. Or blog struck. But, I felt quite claustrophobic in the little space as we did our thing and I feel quite sure that I came across rude on more than one occasion as I started to speak to someone and then was quickly ushered away to the next table.

Obviously, I have quite a few reviews to bring you from the brands present, the first of which has just gone live in the form of a vlog about the HoMedics Massager we received and I am really looking forward to seeing what’s in my Garnier bag which has been having a holiday with the lovely Jolie of Hey Bambini – read about it here.

You can also check out the photos of the Blackmores products we’re trialing and ask any questions you might want answered in the review on our facebook page.

This time around I brought all three kiddos and with the help of Nanna, Baby Sitters and More and James the Weight Watchers Wish Fairy they had a brilliant morning full of fun, face painting and brunch (I have in on good authority that my girls got the last two cupcakes and that they were YUM).

So, a huge thanks to the wonderful speakers, Christie of Kidsbusiness, Room2Grow and of course Weight Watchers for another great Brunch!



  1. Gosh sounds full on Becky, so inspiring and a whole lotta tips to put to good use! Thanks for sharing x

    • It was so full of great tips. Can’t believe I didn’t take something for notes. I could have shared sooo much more!

  2. Becky – thank you so much for coming and participating in the filming. Your wrap up here is so informative – great to see how much Melinda, Weight Watchers ambassador inspired you. Melinda and the other amazing speakers were indeed motivating and generous with information and valuable tips to kickstart our goals. Can’t wait to check out your reviews and we hope to see you again at the next event!

    • Thank you Christie for inviting me. There was so much I needed to hear that day!


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