My Boy

This morning, as I was watching my now 9 month old son cruise around the furniture, he turned to me waved and said “Hi”. Three things. Three things babies do, three milestones.

That moment melted my heart and broke it all at once. My boy, my baby, he wants to grow up all too fast. He’s been this way since he first rolled at 8 days old. Yes. 8. Days. Old.

I had a taste of babies staying babies with Kahlei and I liked it. I don’t want Jasper to grow up too fast. At the same time I don’t want to take away from his excitement that he’s doing something clever.

I am more than happy for him to chill, unfortunately, he is looking like he wants to be just like Ellie; grown up too soon.

Between climbing the stairs, wanting to eat what everyone else is having, standing up, being able to say Mumma, bub, hi, yea and, my personal favourite, Ellie (eyyee), dropping to two naps a day and now this other business I am starting to see less of my baby and more of my boy. And I am not ready.

Jazzy may be ready to grow up and take on the world, but I just want him to happily snuggle in and be my baby for a little longer.


Surely that’s not too much to ask?

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  1. Too adorable!! They do grow up fast, especially the latter children as they want to keep up with their siblings. Mine all rolled, stood up & walked away off the charts, i had all these people saying they were too young – um, what do you do, anchor them?? They all turned out to be state level cross country runners, clearly it didn’t affect their gross or fine motor, they were just in a hurry!! Love Posie

  2. So cute Becky! As you know my boy has been doing much of this quickly too and I thought Bliss was fast! For some reason I don’t mind, but probably because he’s unlikely to be my last and also because even though he wants to do it all he also still wants to snuggle and be with me and whatever else they do, that looking for Mum stuff is just the best thing in the world! xx

  3. I completely understand. My little Miss was never really a baby, and more or less knowing that I was limited to the one child, I didn’t like it either 🙁 Enjoy every bit of baby left in the boy xxx

  4. The mother’s hear is so often torn between pure joy and bittersweet pride for our littlies. I looked at my girl the other day and saw how long her legs had become and how tall she looked and felt similar. She’s only 29 months but has already changed so much in 5 months. Now my 5 month old is doing it too. It’s just the way it is, isn’t it. Hopefully it’s a reminder to keep cherishing every moment.

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