Wearing Red for Daniel; What Good Will it Do?

Wearing Red in memory of Daniel Morcombe


Today, Jasper and I wore red for Daniel Morcombe.

There have been questions; what can wearing red do? How can this help? It might seem a pointless thing to take part in, after all it’s only clothes, right? But, there are some solid reasons why wearing red today does make a difference. Not to Daniel, not to what has gone before. No, not in those ways that we all wish we could change.


So, how can wearing red today be of any good?

Firstly, the Morcombe’s asked us to. Out of respect for their son. These parents have endured the unimaginable, they have suffered a fate no parent should ever have to and they have lived almost 8 years wondering. Today, we were able to show our support and give these people, who have had more than the weight of the world a symbolic hug. We said “We’re with you.” and sent them our thoughts, prayers and good will today – a day when they needed to be in our thoughts.

Secondly, it shows a combined strength, a no-tolerance stance. Together, we are saying we will not accept this kind of behaviour. We will not give up when children are wronged. We will pull together, find the strength to carry on and take down those who would seek to harm the innocent.

Thirdly, it reminds us to be vigilant in teaching our children about Stranger Danger and it shows our children that there is a reason we are teaching them these things. It is a horrible but important reminder for parents and children alike. And while we should be ever vigilant, sometimes we are not. Tell me that every time you saw the colour red today you didn’t think of Daniel and hold your babies just a little tighter, and remembered to tell them that sometimes the world is not all roses. Sometimes there are thistles. But, now there’s an open dialogue within the whole country and the colour red will continue to remind us, no doubt. We are raising awareness.

And obviously, out of respect for a boy gone too soon. In memory of Daniel. Is there no better reason?





Did you wear red today?

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  1. A lot of good as come out of today. Thanks for writing about it. Feel free to link up to my post in the bloggie link-up – I’ll be promoting those blogs tomorrow. x

  2. Well said. I wore red yesterday too. The Morcombes have so much more to endure – wearing red shows we stand beside them, ready to condemn the evil that took their son so cruelly. I will never in a million years understand how someone can hurt a child :((

  3. I wore red as did my hubby and kids.
    I love the message you wrote about.
    Well said Becky.

  4. We wore red yesterday too.

    I love what you wrote and agree with all of it.

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