Hot Chocolate and Broken Dreams

Best home made hot chocolate ever, Hot Chocolate made from Vegie Mama's recipe

The divine Veggie Muma, who I saw at Blogopolis and even sat at the same table during lunch but I didn’t speak to her as I had an attack of the ‘oh-my-gosh-she-is-so-amazing’, also known as being Sucky at the Social, has posted the most amazing hot chocolate recipe on her blog.

Yesterday, after taking myself and my three Munchkins to the doctor I decided to make the hot chocolate as a little treat for us all (milked down somewhat for the children). And it was a-ma-zing. Ellie sat, with her tiny hands cupped around her warm mug, her shoulders hunched, her face hovering over the decadent smell wafting up to her and I thought she looked like she belonged in a movie. It was that perfect.

My sickies went to bed with nice, full warm bellies and I was excited to make some for everyone after dinner. I envisaged that once James and I moved into our own place, I would pop on a cute little apron (I don’t actually own an apron but that’s beyond the point) and stand by the stove, making us some creamy deliciousness after a homely meal, with the kids in bed.

I imagined us holding our mugs, just so, in that perfect ‘I have the best chocolate drink ever’ way, chatting, laughing and spending a little special time together. I thought about it so much and so clearly (right down to the little splash of 50’s housewife red lippy and black heels I was wearing to prepare our drinks) that it was practically a given that this was going to be our lives once we moved out of my mum’s place.

Unfortunately, my dreams came crashing around me when my husband didn’t like the hot chocolate I had lovingly made him. It was too hot, too thick, too chocolatey and once he found out I’d used Chilli chocolate it went back to being too hot. Sigh. Happy post-living-with-mum thoughts gone.

Somehow, the remains of his drink ended up in the fridge and my girls happily guzzled it down after I put more milk in it (possibly with a little help from me). No complaints from them at all. Except that there wasn’t more.

So, I guess my romantic plan will now actually be an Ellie birthday week tradition instead!

If you haven’t tried this recipe – DO IT.

What’s your favourite winter time comfort food or drink?



  1. This is hilarious!

    And pretty much the story of my life!

    Oh, and btw, maybe some people had an attack of the ‘oh-my-god-that’s-Becky-from-Becky-and-james’ ?? 🙂

    You write an amazing blog and should feel proud to introduce yourself to anyone xx

    • Cherie, I am glad I am not alone it this!

      Thank you for your sweetness. It would be cool if someone had thought that 😉

      I really appreciate your lovely support.

  2. Sorry to hear that your prefect housewife image came crashing down around you. How is it possible not to like hot chocolate? I’m sitting here freezing on the couch now trying to talk The Aussie into running down stairs to make me some. So far, he’s not moving.

    • It is quite unfortunate. This is the only time I have ever dreamed of being any type of perfect housewife. By not liking it my husband has just given up any chance of housewifery.

      I hope you got your hot chocolate!

  3. Well Becky, I loved it (and I don’t like hot chocolate!!)

    You can make it for me any night you like and the boys can just go without!!!

    You’ll find something else that can become your ‘thing’ with James.

    And you have my permission to move out too… Don’t let this little setback change that 🙂 I’ll only be down the road and we can still have hot chocolate nights!!! (We can leave the babies with the boys, yeah??)

  4. Oh for godsake these men of ours are hard to please sometimes! That’s the last hot choccy he’s getting, right!? x

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