Our Disney Junior Party + a DVD Giveaway

Disney Junior Party, Mickey Mouse, Cute kid

A box of party essentials, three Disney Junior DVDs, excitable children and some party food makes for a fun-filled morning and a quiet nap-filled afternoon (thank you!)

Decorating and setting up was half the fun, streamers and poppers, hats and Disney mags thanks to the ever wonderful Mandy (they were a life saver on our trip to Melbourne). Balloons, especially the black balloons I tied together as Mickey Ears were a hit and most of them are still floating around (as balloons seem to) for the baby to play with on his adventures.

With all the cold weather and illness we have been experiencing snuggling down to enjoy some yummy food and watch some DVDs, Not to mention the dancing to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD, which never gets old (if you’re under 5), was the perfect thing to life our spirits.

There was noise, laughter and happiness. We forgot our aches, pains and worries. Even if only for a little while. And when you’re a child a little while can light your whole day.

Disney Junior Party, Handy Manny, Playhouse Disney, WIN DVDs, Party Food

The speciality of the party was Ellie’s requested fruit salad and ice cream topped with tiny chocolate balls. The failure was the ‘Mickey Cakes’ I made. Lets never speak of them again. Ever.

Disney Junior Party, Handy Manny, Playhouse Disney, WIN DVDs, Party Food

DIY 'Mickey Bread' and don't forget the Popcorn!

With the failure of the food which will never be mentioned, DIY ‘Mickey Bread’ took it’s place and was an instant hit; covering bread with chocolate sprinkles, balls and some fancy-pants silver balls is a great activity (messy, but fun).

After making some yummy popcorn that ‘flies’ (out of the popcorn maker) we sat down to watch some movies.

Here’s a rundown of the DVDs, which you can win below – for my in depth review visit Becky and James Do Reviews;

Manny’s Big Race
It’s back to Sheetrock Hills for more high-speed fun with our favourite handyman, Manny Garcia! Join Manny and his team of trusty talking tools as they try to turn a broken down old car into the fastest four wheels on the road, and win Wood Valley 500 race! But before they can cross the finish line to victory, it will take a lot of teamwork, a “can do” attitude and your help!

Minnie’s Bowtique
Packed with all the coolest bows and bow-ties you could imagine, including a mood bow that magically changes colours and a flutter of beautiful butterfly bows, Minnie’s pulled out all the stops to ensure her boutique has something for everyone. But don’t forget to bring your Mousketools because the Clubhouse gang will still need your help to find the perfect gift for Pete’s Aunt Mabel!

Mickey’s Road Rally
It’s time to rev your engine for a journey that will have you movin’ and groovin’ all the way to the finish line! Everyone’s favourite mouse is back in an all-new full length movie that takes the Clubhouse gang, and you, on a wild ride through Mickey Park, the dessert, Mistletoe Mountain and even the depths of the jungle! Jump on board to find the special ‘Mickey Markers,’ see the sights and meet new friends.

Disney Junior DVD Pack, WIN, Clubhouse Disney, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Mann

For your chance to win this Disney Junior Pack simply tell me in 50 words or less which Disney character you would be and why. The best answer will win.

Entries close midnight August 31st 2011 (AEST, ie Sydney time) and and the best answer will be chosen by me. Please note, entry is only open to Australian residents and be sure I have your contact details in case you win!!

If the prize is not claimed within a week, this competition will be redrawn.

Disney Junior Party, Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, WIN

Disclosure: I received complimentary DVD copies for review purposes and a party pack (including decorations & a camera to capture the action) courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Porter Novelli. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.


  1. I’d have to be Donald Duck because I get a really bad temper when the house is messy, when Telemarketers ring me at dinner time and all the bills (no pun intended) arrive in my letterbox

  2. I would be Goofy, full of cheekiness, always playing tricks on people and forever ready to laugh with my friends!

  3. Cinderella, lol doing all housework, have my prince!( my husband) and love dreaming!!

  4. The first character that comes to mind is Belle’s father, the crazy scientist (in Beauty and the Beast). Today my mind feels like mush (pregnant with 3 other kids under 5) and my house looks like an experiment when very very wrong!

  5. Dumbo, because of my big ears & kind nature!

  6. I would be Minnie because she has beautiful manners, always dresses very well and she is liked by all the others

  7. Belle, because some days I feel like I am married to ‘the Beast’, but most of the time he is a perfect prince.

  8. Mickey Mouse
    He’s grouse
    I’d scare my wife by being a mouse
    and she’d throw herself around me

  9. Goofy because i am so Goofy lately in all my daily chores

  10. I’d have to say Handy Manny! He has tools that actually ‘fix’ things, unlike the ones hubby has around here!

  11. My daughter would love to be Minnie Mouse – she said because she could wear a BIG BOW in her hair forever! 😛

  12. I’d be jake’s female friend from Jake and the never land pirates. That pixie dust that lets them fly is great!

  13. Mickey Mouse – I’m friendly to everyone, devoted to my partner even though I do stuff up sometimes and I always work pro-actively to solve any problems at hand! And also, I’m good with kids (hopefully haha)!

  14. I’d like to be Kelly from Handy Manny – she’s her own boss, runs a successful business in a male-dominated industry and has a cute handyman making all sorts of excuses to visit her store.…and she works next door to a bakery (easy access to cake) but still seems to look fabulous in jeans and a tool belt…

    • can this entry be deleted? i thought it was 100 words but just saw it was 50 – sorry about that, have resubmitted, thanks 🙂

  15. Kelly from Handy Manny – she’s her own boss, runs a successful business in a male-dominated industry and has a cute handyman making all sorts of excuses to visit her store.…and with bakery next door (easy access to cake) but still looks fabulous in jeans and tool belt…

  16. Pumbaa definately. He is nice and caring and loves life, he is also a cutie. Just like him I say “Hakuna Matata”, No worries mate. I hope I instill this in my two year old daughter.

  17. Minnie Mouse as she has won Mickey’s heart and is the envy of all girls in Disney world!

  18. Dory from “Finding Nemo”, sad but true,
    for my memory is losing,
    and becoming unglued.
    I’ll blame the kids, they’re always my excuse,
    One day you’ll find me swimming in the nude!

  19. I’d love to say something glamorous like snow white or Ariel, but truth be told that lately I’m more like Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame! Overweight, lacking sleep, working hard, underappreciated and constantly carrying a child on my back that could be mistaken for a hunch. But I do have a heart as big as my unusual head bursting with love for anyone willing to receive it!

  20. Tinkerbell because she flys around, she is magical and she looks very pretty……according to my 7 year old.

  21. donald duck he is very lickable and funny
    he plays tricks on his nephews

  22. dumbo a flying and talking elephant very interesting

  23. Snow White because I could get all the rest I needed, whilst the seven dwarves looked after my 2 and 6 year old sons. I would save a fortune on botox, and watching re-runs of 10 years younger in 10 days, as I would never age.

  24. Genie from Aladdin as I’m full of tricks, hard to deal with, but always trying to help someone. I’m a bit of a master of disguise and I sometimes get a bit blue in the face, haha.

  25. Pluto, a pup loved by so many. None of his friends would ever be the same without him and i would love to feel as indispensable

  26. The triplets Huey Duey and Lewey. Their sooooooo cheeky I could get my own back on my little cheeky monkeys.

  27. Flying carpet from Aladdin
    What a dream to be able to just fly anywhere
    Also that saying to be a fly on the wall –
    Well I could be the mat on the floor lol

  28. I’m definately Minnie because I love to organise (only a little bossy). I love wearing black stockings, high shoes and pretty dresses. I make a mean chocolate cake and have such a squeaky voice phone callers always ask if mummy’s home.

  29. it will have to be Cinderella as I am always cooking,cleaning and looking after my 2 girls.

  30. I’d be Tinkerbell
    Sassy and cute
    spreading pixie dust
    in my little green suit
    fluttering my wings
    with the best-ever pout
    She’s my favourite character
    without a doubt!

  31. Minnie Mouse because she is adored by Micky

  32. dAISY Duck by far, aloud to have a big butt and shake it because she can, my hero and our partners are similar to also, bit of a dork sometimes but always snuggly and cuggly

  33. Ariel – she still ‘Ruled the Waves’ as she ‘Waived the Rules’!

  34. Huey, Luey & Duey – they’re so ‘Ducking’ cheeky!

  35. How I’d love to be Rapunzel, solving life’s snarls and knots, I’d wave about magic hair, strong woman calling the shots!

  36. i think my lot would be the looney tunes babies they are always into something makes life exciting

  37. I’d be cLUCKY to be Chicken Little! Every night’s a HEN night, easy to get EGGcited, always in fine FEATHER and I’m entitled to watch CHICK flicks!

  38. I would love to be Cinderella
    and wear a stunning dress
    travel in a gorgeous carriage
    and become a beautiful princess.

  39. I’d have to be Mater, I grew up in Alabama, so already have the funny southern accent. He’s all about friendship and appreciating the simple things in life.

  40. Donald Duck; I guess I’m the original exhibitionist when it comes to walking around with no pants on, particularly when wearing an undersized sailor suit on the top half. Oh and don’t get me angry, I’ve got a short fuse like you wouldn’t believe! 😉

  41. Piglet. He’s sweet, loving and loyal. Always been my favourite.

  42. our house its mickey mouse all the way,
    his friends and trusty tool
    his fun, caring, and just a clasic.

  43. It would definitely have to be snow white, so then i would have my seven dwarfs to help me around the house and live my everyday life, not to mention the kids would love seven little friends to play with and keep them entertained!!

  44. Lightning McQueen, he is fast, smart, a little bit cheeky, very entertaining and learns the value of true friendship and what it means and my boys just adore him!

  45. I’d be Pluto, he’s so loyal and friendly. We lost our treasured bull terrier cross in June and Miss Five is missing her terribly. I’d love to be Pluto just for a short while and pass on some canine cheer. Woof! Woof!


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