Thinks I Know: About Life, Sickness and Fairness

It seems this past week has been a week of learning for this Mumma and so today I feel like I know quite a lot, although, it might not come out fluently due to my foggy head. But, here goes.

This week I know;

* That a family of sickies; including the flu, a throat infection, conjunctivitis and ear infections leads to much money spent at the chemist.

* A sick Mumma does stupid things, like leaving Kids Multivitamins where little hands can get them, open them and eat half a bottle instead of sleeping.

* It’s terrifying to think a simple mistake might make your child ill. Luckily, after a call to the hospital and poisons we knew she’d be okay, that she’d just get the runs. Which she did.

* Being pooed on is never awesome, but when it’s the runniest, greenest poo ever it’s even worse.

* When James comes home at 2pm, crawls into bed and doesn’t get up until the next morning he is really not well.

* Sometimes life is unfair.

* That even though I was freaking out about my travel to Sydney, I was really looking forward to the Kellogg’s brunch and I was completely crushed to have to pull out due to simply being too sick and having sick kids.

* I don’t want to be seen as unresponsive… un… un… ARGH. Unreliable. I don’t want to be seen as unreliable because I said I would go to an event and arrangements were made to accommodate Jasper and I but then I couldn’t go. But, that’s how I feel.

* I really wanted to be on a cereal box.

* When I should have been in Sydney, brunching, learning and networking I was snuggled up with my poor sick baby girl, both of us feeling miserable and exhausted.

* My first baby girl is spending her last Friday as a three year old today. I can’t believe she’s getting so grown up so quickly.

* We all need to get well be Sunday for Ellie’s morning tea…

What do you know today?
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  1. what a week you’ve had. I hope everyone’s feeling better soon. Sick kids are hard enough but when you’re sick too it’s exponentially more difficult.
    …popping by from Shae’s…

    • We’re on the mend now, thankfully, but it has been tough and I hate not being able to curl up and sleep all day when I am sick. Thanks for popping by!

  2. Poor you. It is hard enough when the kids are sick but doubly so when you and your husband are too. I really hope you all get better in time for your big girl’s birthday!

    • Thanks Kirsty. I have been feeling quite sorry for myself but we’re all picking up and managed to have a nice day for Ellie’s birthday.

  3. Oh what a week Becky. This one has to be better!! I can’t wait for spring to come and blow away some of the bugs that are infecting us all. My family has been sicker this winter than ever before. So sorry you missed out on the event you wanted to go to. That is really disappointing. I had to miss the melbourne one too – because of work. Let hope for sunny skies and well families 🙂 Cazxx

    • I’ve got my fingers crossed for a better week this week, although we’re packing up the remainder of our house … we’ll see!
      I have felt the same about our family this winter, too, and people I know in general. I feel like everyone has been holed up trying to recover.

  4. Oh Becky, big hugs to you. I hope you’re all feeling a lot better soon. xx

  5. It doesn’t sound like you’ve had a fun week at all; I hope next week is brighter for you.

    • We really haven’t! It’s been completely ridiculous.

  6. I really was looking forward to seeing you.

    I think too though, you had a good reason for not being able to attend, so I can’t imagine that anyone would see you as being unreliable because you all got sick. Some things you can’t help.

    Next time. xxx

    • I so wanted to catch up with you, too and was quite excited about the accommodation.
      I hope I wasn’t seen that way.

  7. That is one hell of a week Becky! I know that next one will be better.

  8. What a week!!
    May next week be uneventful 🙂

    • Thanks Shae. We’re moving next week, but I am totally sending uneventful vibes into the future for a smooth transition.

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