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This afternoon, James is coming to pick the children and I up and we are doing our last trip as a family back to the South Coast. We will spend the week packing up what’s left of our possessions and do any necessary cleaning before the new owner moves in.

I feel quite shell shocked. Before getting the phone call that our buyer had signed the contract and all was good to go it seemed everything was going to fall through after months and months of being pushed and pulled in every direction by this woman, all the while being assured she wanted to settle as soon as possible.

I was starting to believe it might not happen.

It’s a strange feeling. Even more than the fact that this is our first home, the place we brought home three brand new babies. It’s also the fact that we’re leaving so much of us behind. Until recently, I hadn’t thought about much more than leaving and being done, but now I look and see the months of hard work. I see all the choices we made which made a lemon yellow shell into our perfect home and garden.

It’s a relief to have things happening and yet it’s sad to know this coming week will be the last time we will spend time in this place we created just for us. Bittersweet.

Renovating wasn’t my favourite thing, in fact the words “I hate this” or even “We are never renovating again, ever!” may have passed my lips from time to time, but in hindsight I am enormously glad we did it. Especially the garden, all those hours James spent; most of which I lamented the fact that he was spending time gardening and not with me before Ellie‘s arrival. I had no ability to see what he saw, no understanding of just how integral that space would be to our daily life. The gorgeous sanctuary for the children and myself. James’ sanity saver. A playground for native birds. That will be what I miss the most, along with my huge kitchen. I’m pretty sure it’s what we will all miss the most.

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  1. It’s so hard leaving a home. Any home. Especially when you’ve lived there as a family. I’ve cried with just about every move I’ve had since having my two boys. Even our last home, which wasn’t much loved, left me teary as I did the final clean and locked the door for the last time behind me.

    Leaving homes is hard. Making new ones can be fun, if you allow yourself to enjoy it. Good luck this week! Hope it doesn’t bring too many tears, but if it does, that’s OK, too. It’s OK to grieve for houses… Much love…

  2. It’s funny how right up until you move that you realise all the things you will miss. I hope that you are able to make so many new memories in your new home! xxx

  3. Just a house though, you will have plenty more homes that you love just as much, if not a whole lot more.

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