Right Now: My Children

Last September I wrote a post about little bits and pieces happening in my life at that particular moment entitled Right Now. I have been meaning to do another one recently and Naomi’s recent Cherish Your Cherubs Project offered the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Here are a few things about my three Munchies right now. In this moment.

Ellie has just turned 4, but she’s going on 14. She’s feisty, with a strong will and an attitude to boot. She loves wearing her hair in a plait and is growing it out to be like ‘Repencil’. She is beautiful and can be the perfect little lady, complete with crossed legs and perfect manners but she has fire and stands her ground, she looks for fights with people like Uncle Caleb and is happy to be silly for a laugh. She has that perfect hair I always wanted, silky, smooth, shiny, easy to do and naturally highlighted.

She loves to dance and sing. All the time. She loves day care. She thinks she’s a big person, forever telling me what ‘the children’ (ie Kahlei and Jasper) are up to and bossing said children about.

She is independent and yet still has those moments where all she wants is Mummy, to be cuddled and carried. She can be highly emotional, tears aplenty and tantrums. Her ability to grasp concepts, vocabulary and ideas surprises me daily and her memory is better than most people’s I know.

Kahlei is currently 2 and a half. She is a soft, beautiful girl, with a heart for others. She is inquisitive and is more likely to get up to mischief than not, but only because she is curious and in the moment. She loves to be with Ellie and pretend she’s a big girl and has just started using sentences like “That’s unacceptable, Jazzy”. Her words have come along way just recently, with most things becoming clearer and understandable.

She is cuddly and giggly and mostly happy. Always in her own world, where I am sure there is a constant musical playing as she doesn’t do anything without dancing and singing. Her eyes are the biggest I’ve ever seen, framed by perfectly long lashes she did not get from me.

She is hilarious, spectacular, impressionable – especially where Ellie is concerned. She loves to dress herself in what I like to call ‘hobo chick’ as it often includes fluffy boots, many layers and a messy up do. She pulls it off like nobody else could.

Jasper is 9 months and is every bit my Little Man as I imagined he’d be in my mind’s eye before he arrived and more. He’s a farting, burping, mess machine of endless proportions and if I would let him eat all day long he probably would. He is cheeky and has that innate ability to be naughty but melt Mummy’s heart before he’s in too much trouble.

He loves his giraffe toy, which was a present at my baby shower before he was born, it goes everywhere with him and he won’t sleep unless he has it. I call it his love and it really is.He thinks his sisters are a bit of alright and wanting to play and keep up with them means he is doing things I would rather he wasn’t right now. Like climbing and cruising and thinking about walking.

He has 4 teeth and says mum, dad, Ellie, hello and bub. And he never stops talking. Just recently, he’s started to bop whenever he hears music, so I am wondering if he will be the same as his sisters with dancing. He’s still not always sleeping through, though.

I am loving the stages all three are at right now. It’s beautiful (mostly) and they are such characters. Every day I learn more about them, about me, about parenting and the world through just being with them and that’s a great thing.


  1. I really love the way you have down all these photos of them.

    A lovely keepsake for you too.

  2. This is just lovely Becky. What super cherubs you have and I love all of the images of them. Love the dancing feet and I so love Jasper standing up in the kitchen. Boo hoo! I do not have any babies any more – almost makes me want another one…almost!! Thanks so much for joining in and I love how you have described your children. N x

    • Thanks Naomi for starting this, I think it’s a great idea.
      I know what you mean about not having babies – I know my boy is only nine months old but he’s in SUCH a hurry to grow up that I get a little teary!

  3. Wow, those pics looks fantastic! How did you do that? I would love to do something like this to hang up at home. Thanks for sharing, your cherubs are gorgeous 🙂

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