Half Move Mayhem

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This weekend has been a crazy whirlwind of boxes, aches, pains and drama.

It all started on Thursday night, after we had spent the week in our house on the South Coast packing and cleaning up after the children, when we traveled the five hours to the Central West so that on Friday the kiddos could go with Nanna for a weekend away and we could pick up a truck to get our move on.

Our morning started out badly when James, starving, drove straight past Maccas and breakfast became a mere dream. Hopping and bopping along in our truck we made our way, slowly, to Goulburn where James realised he had left the one set of keys four our house at mum’s. Two hours away, in the wrong direction. The very direction we’d come from, in fact.

A quick discussion involving my mother saw us continuing on the journey we had begun, not because we would actually get any work done, what with the keys being necessary and all but because James had important documents to sign that afternoon and our kilometer allowance on the truck would be completely blown and thus our budget would be too if we went back and started again.

So, on our way we went.

Moving Sucks, RTA Inspector, Hertz Pulled over by RTA

After a quick toilet stop we were minding our own business when James caught a glimpse of a flashing light behind us. Thinking it was an ambulance, James pulled over only to have the vehicle pull in behind us.

It was an RTA inspector who had allegedly ‘chased us out of Braidwood’ with his siren and lights on; why? We still don’t know but he was an obnoxious tool and I am guessing he had some new power he needed to assert.

We finished our original journey in a decidedly slow, bumpy and uncomfortable way, signed our papers and then hopped in the MIL’s car to head 2 hours away to meet Nanna who was, thankfully, bringing our house keys to her destination further up the coast.

The up side is that I got to briefly see my grandparents and cuddle my babies before hopping back in the car to go back.

Unfortunately, all that meant we’d lost hours of valuable packing, cleaning and sorting time, leaving Saturday choc-a-block.

To top things off, James and I managed to come down with bad head colds and so as we hobbled and hacked our way through the day with foggy heads and clogged ears. I’m pretty sure all the naighbours heard all day was *cough, cough, coooouuugh* “What?”, “Pardon?”, “Did you say something??” It was all really quite tedious.

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Also, my lack of co-ordination does not mix well with these kinds of things. I managed to bust my foot, scratch up my arm with boxes and pull my ‘pleurisy gland’ (ie the part of my back that I remember hurting when I had pleurisy) – it’s a technical, completely medical term, no need to look it up.

Thankfully, with the help of Grandma we got the truck packed and had most of the house ready to just throw our mattress on top and do a final clean this morning.

Our return trip was decidedly uneventful, if a bit more tedious and painful than the trip down and by 6pm we had our lives nicely stacked in

Our Life in Storage, Moving Sucks, Storage shed

a storage shed.

The worst part is that we’ve only done half a move.

Tomorrow, we’re officially homeless (but not so much in that we have somewhere to stay) and I do not look forward to when we have to go and move everything from storage to a house. And yet, I can’t wait for us to have our own space, to get organised, get settledĀ  and get things running smoothly.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Moving….hate it!

    • Me too! Never again. Never, ever again…

  2. Big job, we moved 4 mths ago from our home of 5 yrs, seem to take forever and it was only 10mins away! We love our new place, good chance to declutter. Good luck!


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