5 Tips for Moving: aka Moving Sucks

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Today, our house settles. So, I suppose, in essence it is no longer our house. It’s our ex-house.

We spent the weekend moving out and along the way I learned a lesson or two, here are my top five lessons learned about moving;

1) Don’t Do It. Ever.

2) If, for whatever reason, you’re ignoring tip #1 then I highly suggest you find appropriate care for the children while you get everything sorted. I saw a distinct increase in productive activity once my Munchies were with Nanna. I knew they were safe and I could get on with the job at hand.

3) Plastic plates, cups and cutlery are brilliant. They mean you can still eat when you’ve packed all the essentials away. I know, right?

4) Get help. We would not have been able to get everything done in that amount of time without Grandma’s help on the packing-into-the-truck end and my Dad and Ethan’s help on the putting-our-life-in-storage end.

5) Finish everything the night before, leaving only your mattress (or if you’re happy to rough it don’t even leave that) and overnight bag so you can get up, get dressed and go.

James’ Top Tips for moving;
(drumroll please)

1) Get someone else to do it

2) Have somewhere to go

What are your top tips for navigating this not-so-pleasant part of life?



  1. Haha! Love James’ top tips! And I agree, getting help and some care for the kids is a great idea! The last time we moved we had no children!!! I’m very frightened because we have a move on the cards in the next two years or so – this house just won’t hold three walking, running, dancing, barrelling toddlers once the boys hit 2 or 3!

    • He is a smart man, that James. If only he’d had hind sight and done those things for this move!

    • And I hear you on the kiddo front. Even if we hadn’t moved towns we wouldn’t have been able to stay there much longer with the kids getting older – simply not practical!

  2. Glad that it is over for you, for now. Well done.
    We have been packing and moving for months…dread the day we have to really do. Our last move 7 yrs ago, we kept the house and ran our business from there. Then we rented it , still has some of our stuff in it after 5 yrs. Plus the garage is full of our stuff from when we moved in in 2001…. Packed in 2000. I have no idea what .

    • Isn’t it crazy how much ‘stuff’ there is? I kept thinking it would soon be over but it started to seem like it never, ever would be.
      Unfortunately, we still have the move in to do once we get a place, but yes I am so glad to be done with that part.
      I don’t envy you the move, that’s for sure. As a kid you don’t know how tough this stuff is, I was quite shocked by the whole thing!

  3. I hated moving! But I still want to do it again 🙂

    My tips……

    Start early
    Pack whilst little people are sleeping
    Use it as an opportunity to declutter/throw out
    Have helpers – but not too many on moving day
    Know where you wnat things to be put.

    We had friends help us move and they kept asking where should I put this etc. I had no idea!

    Next time I’ll be a more organised mover 🙂


  4. We’ve moved four times in 3.5 years, each time with the two girls with us the entire time (no one to take them unfortunately). My best tip and it’s an ongoing organisational one as well, is to organise your kitchen into storage tubs. Cooking stuff in one tub, tupperware in another tub (or three or four), kids bowls/plates in another, etc. Then you can just put the boxes straight into the moving boxes as they are, take them straight out and slide them into the kitchen cupboards without having to pack or unpack. I also do this with the kids toys and all the cleaning products we have as well. We rent – awesome fun 😉

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