On Women, Mental Health and Liptember

liptember, Women's Mental Health, Raising Money for Women's Mental HealthAs women, mothers, wives and career women we feel the need to be strong. For our families, to fulfill our dreams, to get ahead in this life. So often we believe being strong means showing no weakness, not asking for help and soldiering on; come-what-may.

But, you know what I have learned on my PND journey? Stepping out of the shadows, taking a deep breath and asking for help, speaking up and speaking out is STRONG because it takes effort, it takes courage and it takes STRENGTH.

Even now, knowing as I do that my asking for help, seeking assistance and getting help is better for my family and myself and makes for a happier family life, I still find it hard. I still hesitate. I still struggle to find that strength within me to swallow my pride and show my ‘weaknesses’.

This is a stigma we need to address. Women need to know it’s okay to speak out and ask for help.

I am sure you won’t be surprised to know that women’s mental health is a cause close to my heart, which is why I have decided to participate in Liptember.

Liptember runs from the month of September to raise awareness of and funds for women’s mental health; it’s all about getting it out there, research, programs and ‘achieving optimal health outcomes for women.’

I suppose you’re asking what is it, actually? Liptember encourages women to buy and wear the Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus everyday for the month of September and have friends, family and colleagues sponsor us to do so. You can also purchase the Hibiscus Lip Balm and part of the sales are going to charity, it can be found in the Essentials department at any Myer store.

Funds raised will be donated to the Centre for Women’s Mental Health and Lifeline Australia.

So, everyday for the month of September I will be wearing my lippy and asking you guys to sponsor me to help me make a little difference. I will document the month through pics of myself on Instagram (which you can follow via Instagrid if you don’t own an iPhone), posts through out the month and I will be ‘kissing off’ the days on this calendar I’ve made;

Download Here

I am going to decorate it throughout the month and leave a kiss at the end of each day with my lippy. If you’re participating and would like to ‘Kiss off’ too, I have made the calendar downloadable for you please feel free to grab it from the link above. I will share my completed

If you’re interested in sponsoring me, you can find my profile here.Thank you in advance x

I know of two other wonderful bloggers participating; Nikki from Styling You and Sawhole of Madam Bipolar. If you know of anyone else, please let me know!



  1. Good on you Becky. Lip Balm for a cause. You beauty. I’ve just gone to your page and will get my credit card shortly! x

  2. Congratulations, Becky, on deciding to participate in this worthy cause. All the best with your fundraising. And with your journey.

    I’m regularly inspired by people like you who are able to ‘give back’; to turn depression on its head and see it as a complex journey that can help others. I’m trying to do that with my own PND experience. It’s great to have a community to link in with 🙂

  3. Yay Becky. Look forward to seeing how it looks. I will sponsor you. Cazxx

  4. Fantastic cause and one close to my heart, I have battled depression for 30yrs now, medication is my friend 🙂 Love to sponsor you.

  5. What a great cause Becky! I’m jumping on the sponsor bandwagon too. Good luck! xx

  6. What a great idea!! I often say to my children “hey, i’m new at this too, we’re learning together” & it quickly diffuses some potential teen angst momemnts with the high schooler, taking a step back & not saying anything really helps. Good luck, love Posie

  7. Well done Becky – you certainly are an inspiration and so wonderful that you give other strength to speak up. Thank you x
    Looking forward to following your photos and kissing off each day!

  8. Great cause, Becky, good luck with it. I just made a donation, too.

  9. wow becky – i hadn’t even heard of liptember before today. sounds like a really worthy cause and what a great way to celebrate it with a funky lip gloss. good on you! anything we can do to bring more awareness and social acceptance is a good thing.


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