A vlog to cover the fact that I’m in a blog slump

I am sitting in a box (quite literally) in Coogee. I had grand plans for this week. I would wear the kids out at the beach (check), fill them up with fruit salad (check) and pop them in bed (check) and then I would blog. I would get ahead. Plan posts, write reviews, schedule posts…

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way my bloggy mojo took a run for it and hasn’t returned. So, instead, I am going to post a vlog I did that I meant to put in my Sucky at the Social post, but I somehow completely forgot. Enjoy.


How do you overcome a blogging slump?





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  1. Love it Becky!!!! You look so cool. Blogger’s slum. Happens to me when I’m emotionally drained. Have been a bit that way over the past months with working and all, and have just been posting loads of giveaways (did you notice!!). I try to let myself back away – but it’s hard hey. For me I need to just allow it to return by itself – because I know it will.

    • I thought it looked cool, too. I was just playing around and didn’t intend to record anything but it looked so great I decided to share, hehe.

  2. hehehe. 🙂
    Loved your Vlog, and understanding the whole ‘feeling like an alien’ thing.

    • Glad I am not alone in this feeling.

  3. You dag! I love it. Those are some strange effects, aren’t they? Weirdest thing is *leans in closer and whispers* sometimes you can really look like people you’ve seen, can’t you! Hnngh.

    • lol ohmygosh yes!!!!
      Thankfully, I’ve yet to run into anyone who looks like me in the above 😉 Don’t quite know what I would do then!

  4. When I had a slump I just focused a little bit more on myself and finding time for me 🙂 When I had everything organised and felt more relaxed I found it easier to blog

    • Great tip. I’m just enjoying this week and hoping I will go home with renewed bloggy passion.

  5. Don’t push it I’d say, let it go for a while and come back when you’re ready. I’ve been mia on my blog a couple of times this year, due to illness, family death plus loss of blogging mojo. I think they call it ‘life’ 😉

    • I’m trying not to push it. I am a little nervous about it, though. As I lost my digi scrap mojo while pregnant with Jasper and it never returned. At all. And I loved my digi scrapping!
      Ahh this life thing that gets in the way of blogging is annoying 😉

  6. lol, too funny, but I am a social alien too sometimes so can totally relate

    • Glad you liked it. My kids love watching mummy as an alien… It’s good to know I am not alone, even though it sucks that there are others who also experience this.


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