Things I Know

Even in my bloggy mojolessness I know some things this week.

I know;

* Life should be morning walks, visits to the beach, plays at the park, freshly squeezed juice, sunshine and smiles.

* My children are really (mostly) quite well behaved. We have done so much these past few days, been so many places, had dinner late every night, been out through nap time and they have been so good.

* The fastest way to feel lazy is to take a walk in the city when everyone around you is running, stretching, with a personal trainer, boxing, jumping or doing yoga.

* I am thankful to those who have sponsored me for Liptember.

* Life without an iPad 2 must have been quite tough on my hubs. Pretty sure life will never be the same now that he has one.

* I hate contact forms which never actually send and that’s the only way to contact the person you’re wanting to. Grr.

* I will be trying a Macaron today while spending the day in the city with my three Munchies.¬† Not sure where I will be doing so, but I will search until¬† I have found one to stop this obsession I have with looking at them online and dreaming of trying them…

What do you know today? Come join in with Shae from Yay for Home.

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