My poor Ellie is ill. She has been a bit off colour of late, not her normal self. Not eating. Wanting to sleep a lot. Temp. Yesterday, a rash appeared on her legs and, as a mother who has had drummed into her “temperature and rash = hospital” I whizzed her down to the local ER to be on the safe side.

After seeing the Triage Nurse we were seen practically straight away by an unimpressed Doctor who asked me briefly what my concerns were before telling me I should be seeing my local doctor for such things, telling me the medical center I do go to wasn’t sufficient and to not go there. To find a proper doctor.

When he asked how many times Ellie had used the toilet to urinate I answered that it wasn’t as often as normal to which he pressed me for an ‘accurate number’. I was quite dumbstruck. He stood there, all judgmental that I wasn’t keeping track of my toilet trained, four year old’s toileting and I tersely replied that it was actually quite hard to keep track when I have three children.

The whole consult couldn’t have gone for more than 5 minutes. They were a long 5 minutes, in which I was heaped with judgement, ridicule and downright rudeness. He was uninterested and unimpressed from the start, possibly given that I was a ‘worried mother’. And I left shaking with anger, imagining tearing his perfectly placed hair out. I don’t care if he thinks I was a needlessly worried mother, there is no way I was going to sit on my hands and hope it was nothing and as a medical ‘professional’ he should have done the check up without the attitude. He told me nothing and gave her nothing to help her. I will be complaining.

By the time we left, the small rash on her legs had spread to her arms, body and had started on her face.

We’ve since been to a Doctor who has given Ellie her first lot of antibiotics.

I have my fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed that Kahlei and Jasper do not come down with this Viral Illness. I am so completely over the sickness.

Since we moved to the Central West in March this year life has felt a little like a constant illness. Given that 7 – 8 of us are living in close quarters and the girls having started Day Care, I suppose it’s really to be expected, but it has taken so much out of us all.

And it doesn’t matter how often it happens, you never get used to seeing your child pale and sick. Especially when it takes so much out of them.

Has Spring sent the nasties out of your house or are you still struggling like us?





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  1. The Badoo has Foot and Mouth as I write this. Groan. x

    • Oh no! It feels never ending this year, doesn’t it?
      The Dr suggested “Footmouthdisease. Maybe.” for Ellie, too, but he wasn’t committal about it.

      I hope The Badoo is on the mend!

  2. Spring seems to have sent our nasties away. These stories I hear of rude doctors sending children away astonish me!! I think perhaps those stickers on Oscar’s blue book probably give us VIP status and get me taken seriously – but still, I’ve had it drummed into me by the local hospital that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    • I am so glad to hear Spring has been more kind to you x

      Having come from the most amazing doctor who was great with the kids, caring, thorough and just amazing to this has been a real shock to the system for me. He knew I wasn’t a freak out Mumma and would see me straight away if I said it was needed. I am increasingly amazed that this is the treatment mother’s receive. There is absolutely no comparison between safe or sorry, if I am worried I am going to take them to be seen.

      I am sure that if it had turned out to be something serious and I hadn’t taken her in this same doctor would have been the first to berate me for not doing so.

  3. We’re all sick here too… well all except Daddy wich is odd cause he usually gets the sympathetic man flu! Similar symptoms, including the rash. We were told it was a virus so antibiotics are useless. On chesty cough and antihistamines meds. Boo to being sick! Hope your family are feeling better real soon. x

    • Oh you poor things! Sickness + pregnancy sucks the big one! Since writing this I have read/heard about a lot of children with what sounds like what Ellie has and there are so many different diagnosis’ and medications!
      I hope you’re all over the worst of it and on the way to being better. Bring on wellness x

  4. Poor Ellie. Poor you. Thinking of you as you’re squeezed into a house all together, and still sick from winter.

    And on the upside? Gosh, Ellie looks like you. Gorgeous lips, fair skin… gorgeous. Just like you. x

    • Thanks, Kymmie. I am sure the close quarters isn’t helping us at all, things just go ’round and ’round!

      What a lovely compliment! I honestly don’t see me in her, I think she looks so much like James so it’s heartwarming to hear x

  5. I cannot believe how rude some doctors can be, completely lacking in compassion when as mothers we are just trying to do our best as we look out for our flock. Hope your sweet girl is on the mend now and that the warmer weather means less illness for your household.


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