Things I Know: About Childhood Cancer

Ellie being so sick gets me in a panic. Seeing her beautiful face so pale and drawn, watching her unable to find the energy to do much more than walk to the lounge before she is exhausted or turning around to find she’s put herself to bed again put fear in my heart. I am a worrier and therefore can’t help my imagination running away with itself and every possible worse case scenario.

There’s that question in the back of my mind; what if it’s something more?

So, for my Things I Know post today I have decided I will share the little I know about Childhood Cancer and what you can do to help;

* September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

* Frighteningly, 600 children in Australia are still diagnosed with cancer every year. 600 children suffer, on top of those already previously diagnosed

* Each week, three Aussie kids will die from cancer. Three little lives lost too soon every week

* While survival rates have risen considerably over the years, a life is a life. In fact, three out of every ten children with cancer do not survive – this is a crushing statistic

* Too many families are struggling and suffering through the heartbreak of having a child with cancer

* As a person, the word ‘cancer’ terrifies me. As a mother the words ‘childhood cancer’ feel like more than I can bear

* The Children’s Cancer Institute Australia are the only independent medical research institute in Australia dedicated to research into the causes, prevention, better treatments and ultimately a cure for childhood cancer

* The CCIA is currently running it’s Spring Appeal with a goal to raise $100,000 and they need our help to raise funds and awareness

* Knowing there is something I can do to help further research is a powerful way to ward off the freak outs

* You can find out more about how you can help on the CCIA website or the Facebook page

* Lucy’s story is touching, inspiring, tear inducing

What do you know today?



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  1. This is truly scary stuff – I know how much I fear it too. I’ve been meaning to write a post all week but just can’t find the words right now. Have gone and liked the FB page though – thanks for the reminder. May we all have very healthy children xx

    • I struggled with this too. You will probably notice a lot for the email is in here, as I found it hard to delve into more statistics and research but I felt compelled to write what I could.

  2. I know that this is a really great post and i need to find the right words to write my own.
    I also know that i am going to pop on over to FB now and share it. 🙂

    • Thanks Jane.

      The words are hard to come by. This has been a work in progress and even so it has been very difficult. And thanks for the share x

  3. Oh Becky, I confess that I couldn’t even read your post this topic makes my heart hurt so much. x

    • I completely understand. If I could have written it without having to see or think the words I would have x

  4. Cancer is a demon in all people, I wish as a bare minimum that it would leave children alone.

    • Absolutely. It’s a cross we all bare in some way or another, but why children?

  5. Ditto, Becky. I have exactly the same thoughts run through my head and yes, it hurts like crazy. xx

    • Thanks Kel. Such a tough subject to bring up, especially as a mother. x

  6. I’m lost for words when it comes to the tragedies and challenged that some children and their families have to endure. I struggle to read these stories, I can’t help but think of my own children while doing so and it hurts like crazy, it scares the crap out of me and so I tune it out again; quickly. Some families and children don’t have the luxury of shaking it off that easy and I can’t begin to imagine what that must be like. Cancer sucks. There’s no other way to put it. The sooner we can understand and control it, the better. Thanks for sharing this Becky x

  7. My brother died from cancer at 23 so I always focused on young adults with cancer. Now I have my own children though, it scares me witless to think that it might strike. Especially because so many doctors are so fascinated when they hear my brother’s story – a few even talk about ‘in the family’…

    Awareness, raising money, research – these are all words that need to be communicated to reduce the incidence. Your post is great. I didn’t realise it was 600 a year and three a week. That’s just too many.

  8. Thanks for sharing this important info

  9. Thanks for talking about this and raising our awareness.

  10. Sick kids are so scary. Our friends daughter has leukemia – diagnosed last year on her 4th birthday 🙁

    Seeing her lose so much weight and then her hair and just be different from herself is heartbreaking.

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