Our Once a Year Date

Bathurst 1000, Paddock crowd, Bathurst 1000 crowd

Once a year, James and I get the chance to have a date. One day a year we spend a whole day together, living, breathing experiencing all that is the Bathurst 1000. We hear the roar, breathe the fumes, wet our pants when jets fly over our heads and eat hot dogs.  It starts as a family affair as we take the children for the first two days and then Saturday we have all to ourselves followed by the big race where we are often joined by friends/family.

It’s not everyone’s idea of a perfect date and I admit I am not adverse to a bit of romance, a quiet night alone, candle lit dinners and so on but those things never (ever) happen and probably won’t for some time to come. This works for us because we’re both passionate about the race, about V8s and about our team. It’s an experience, every year is different and we’re happy to simply ‘be’.

It’s a special type of date where it’s okay for me to hang around a garage for hours waiting for a glimpse of another man who sets my heart racing and it’s okay for him to look at the scantily clads (well, after I bring his attention to them by saying things like “Oh my gosh, did you see that girl with NO pants on?”).

I am so happy that James is just as into this as me, considering it took me some time to convince him that we needed to go at all that first year. For us both to be passionate and excited every year to traipse all over the mount and become exceedingly exhausted is something I am completely grateful for.

If we didn’t have this we probably wouldn’t get much time to just be alone. Even though, technically, we’re surrounded by thousands of people. And I am talking to race car drivers. Probably not the point, though.

Spending enjoyable time, quality time with James is something I feel I don’t do enough of and I have become increasingly aware of it lately, especially given the situation we are in currently.

What do you do for your dates?
How often do you get quality time with your significant other?
And, most importantly, are you a V8 fan??



  1. This is the only event my hubby will not invite me to.

    He and his mates usually go camping for the weekend.
    He says i can’t go because id winge to much about the smell, the roughness, his drinking, the list is endless hehe
    I think he might be right. 😉

    • Your hubby is missing out on a great date opportunity 😉 Luckily, my hubs doesn’t do all that at the race and he’s never been without me, so it’s perfect for us!

  2. That sounds seriously awesome!! Good for you and so cool that you both enjoy the same thing. Next year, can i come too? 😛 Crissy x

    • Chrissy, the more the merrier! I love when I find other people who love it too or are excited about going. It’s awesome. Best weekend ever. Every year!

  3. Almost never would sadly be my answer to that. Need to do some re-evaluating there!!!!!

    • It is so hard to find the time and energy, isn’t it? I have been thinking about it for months now – once a year isn’t really enough but we never do anything about it.

  4. We haven’t had a date yet since Holly was born, but it’s something we’ve been talking about lately. So need a little time out from the kids (as much as I love them). Not sure it will be to see the V8s though!! Hehe! 😉

    • I hope you find the time Kel, we didn’t have a date at all from when Ellie was born until well after Kahlei was born, I think she was 9 months by then and it really was something that we should have addressed sooner.
      You don’t realise with all that’s going on how important that time is!!
      I think you should totally try the V8’s though 😉 Sooo romantical!

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