Wordless Wednesday: Getting Attached

Someone who is NOT getting attached..


Luckily we still love him

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  1. Your daughters are gorgeous Becky and your cat seems very tolerant.

    • Thank you and yes, our cat is VERY tolerant, he lets the girls get away with pretty much anything and he just loves them (even when they’re a bit much!)

  2. Ooooh – adorable!(pups and girls)
    that’s one unimpressed cat though 🙂

    • Thank you and yes, he is. I think he knows we’re getting too attached, somehow.

  3. How i love puppies, and dogs, and cats. They are all adorable.

    • They’re too adorable for my own good, Amber! I didn’t think I would get so attached to them all!

  4. Happy WW.
    Thanks for linking up your beautiful puppy… I had a LOL cat image up today – saying – I did the math, we can’t afford the dog.!

    • Thanks Trish! I saw that picture the other day and thought “Yup, that is SO Paws!” Poor darling is feeling a bit over the puppies I think.

  5. Oh I love puppies. I just don’t feel the same about the responsibility of a dog! Love that photo of your cat too! Looks very unimpressed by it all!

    • I’ve never loved the responsibility either, I was always that horrible child who left it to dad – much like my brother is now leaving it to me, but now as a mother, with responsibility anyway, it doesn’t seem so bad…


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