It’s Getting Dangerous

At the end of September/start of October I started puppy sitting my brother’s 1 week old pups and his 2 year old dog while he went away for the holidays. I assumed I would be puppy sitting for maybe two weeks until my dad came back and he and my brother would take over the care of the 8 pups.

Those two weeks flew by and, even though I was slightly miffed originally that it was just assumed I would continue caring for not only my family but a dog and eight pups even though everyone was back home, I am now quite attached to these little fluff balls.

Eyes Open!

We have seen them go from tiny things that couldn’t even open their eyes, stand up or do much more than cry (alot) to opening their eyes, learning to walk and now playing together and with the girls.

I have seen them all developing personalities (or pupialities?) and James, the kids and I have gotten to know them all. We have given them all names. We are getting attached. Even me. Who was certain I wouldn’t!

We are moving into our own place in two weeks and I am starting to worry about having to hand our (not so) little pile of puppies over for care by someone else. I am starting to feel anxious about the impending sales. I don’t want my bother to be in charge of that – I want to do it, not because I want the money, I want to ‘approve’ their new owners. I know that Mrs Brown needs someone who will keep an eye on her because she is cheeky and adventurous, I know that Chip Jr loves to lie by your side and have a pat and I know that Craig is playful and loves kids.

I knew I had to keep an eye on the girls and even Jasper and James. I knew they would all fall in love. I just didn’t expect I would, too. I’ve never really been a doggy person and I thought caring for so many would really put me off it, instead I am a wreck thinking about anyone but James and myself doing it!

And then there’s Sal. The mother of this ridiculously adorable pile of puppies. She’s been a good girl and I know she has been getting a whole lot more attention here than she does at home, I feel so sad for her. She is going to go home, she is going to have her babies taken away (she’s really in love with them) and she is going to miss her boyfriend, who just happens to also be my husband. She’s lucky I am being graciously sharing with her. It’s been an interesting transition, the day she came to us she bit James while he was trying to make them warm and now she can’t get enough of him.

There is a window next to the backdoor where she can come and watch him as he relaxes at night after dinner and she will come from anywhere if she hears his voice, often plopping little puppies on the ground, who have just clambered on her for a drink, in her wake.

So, what now? Do you think anyone would notice if I smuggled a dog and 8 pups away? Do you think the agent would notice that I had (much) more that the ‘one cat’ I claimed on my application?

I know. I have to accept that my stint as a puppy mumma is coming to an end and I have to deal with this weird separation anxiety I am experiencing and trust that my dad and brother will do the right thing and that they will be adopted by loving, caring families…

But. They’re SO CUTE!

What about you, have you found yourself unexpectedly attached to someone or something?

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  1. Just like cute babies turn into teens, puppies grow and become very big.

    That is when I am happy to see them go. The pups, of course, not the kids!,


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